Aug 17, 2008

Feature: Alice Malice

Alice Malice in gothic bondage
Deviant Art


GGotW: What got you started modeling?
AM: I was messaged by Whip Smart Productions, from this bondage company on Myspace and I thought "hmmm why not?" I found that it came very naturally so I've been pursuing it ever since.

Alice in Wonderland, bloody, McGeeGGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
AM: I worked a lot with Deimos Masque especially, and Daneaux. But I've been almost exclusive with Deimos Masque for years now. It helps when your dating your photographer to know your body incredibly well *laughs*.

GGotW: What kinds of modeling have you done?
AM: I got my start doing bondage modeling, being mainly a good little submissive. I did a lot of shibari. Then I moved on to doing sets that were more alt, as I wanted to move on from just doing bondage. Then I started to incorporate more cosplay, and I did a very naughty video with my Alice in Wonderland costume in order to get an Alice tattoo. Then I worked on a site that was all erotic cosplay, and recently I worked with incorporating superheroes and bondage on another site. Where I got to kick butt!

GGotW: What is Shibari?
AM: It is a Japanese word that specifically translates "to bind." It is the practice in tying rope or twine around a subject in a constricting position. It can be very thrilling and it can create excellent designs on the body that are pleasing to the eye.
Elven Alice Malice as an Elf
GGotW: What is your favorite kind of modeling?
AM: I enjoy any sort of modeling that lets me embrace my creativity, so I particularly enjoy any kind of Alt and Cosplay modeling I do. I enjoy making my outfits for sets , and I try to keep things sexy with an artistic appeal. And especially with cosplay I enjoy taking on different characters and expressing myself through them.

GGotW: Where have your images appeared?
AM: I have been on Spookygirls, Inkandpink, and my set on League of Amazing Women should be posted soon. And last weekend I just finished doing another set and video so that should be exciting. And I should be appearing on more sites soon.

GGotW: Do you do a lot of Cosplay outside of photo shoots?
AM: Why of course! I enjoy a lot of cosplay on my free time as well. I try to make it to most of the Florida anime and sci fi conventions, and for the first time this year I'll be at Dragoncon working the cosplaydeviants booth.

Alice Malice in bloody Alice in Wonderland costumeGGotW: You seem to like the Alice in Wonderland look, what influences you there?
AM: I get a lot of creative inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. There are so many interesting stories and characters from the books that make for an almost endless amount of ideas for photo shoots. And my name itself comes from my love of Alice as well. That and I just look good in my Alice dress as well *laughs*. I have a large tattoo of Alice dining with the mad hatter and the march hare from a Crab Scrambly image, and I want to stick to getting mainly Alice in wonderland tattoos. Obsessed? I think so.

GGotW: Who is Crab Scrambly? Why his image for your tattoo?
AM: Crab Scrambly has done a lot of art for comic books, and you might have seen his work from time to time at hot topic as well. His work can be found here . I purchased a post card from Hot Topic that had an image of Alice dining with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. As I stated previously I am very obsessed with Alice in wonderland, and I love it whenever the story is shown in a dark twist. I got it done on

GGotW: What do you do when not modeling?
AM: Like I mentioned earlier, I love doing cosplay in general even if its intention isn't for taking off my clothes. So I'm very much an otaku (someone obsessed with Manga/Anime) and a comic book geek. I particularly favor x-men and I do have an obsession with Batman. I also do a lot of tabletop roleplay, and that takes up a lot of my spare time and I love it. It only helps me to understand how to think like a different person, and when I play World of Darkness it only helps give me inspiration.

GGotW: In playing World of Darkness, what kind of character do you play? In what part of the WoD universe?
AM: Normally I play new World of Darkness, and I do often get picked on for playing attractive characters *laughs* I play quite the variety of personality types. They are all passionate. Some belive in their causes or groups more than anything. And some are so petty that they just want everyone's attention. Normally I play Vampires and Mages. And no matter how good or bad they are I just like to take part in a good story.

GGotW: What are you taking in school?
AM: I'm going to school for animation, and that's the main reason as to why I have only been on a few sites. But with my limited time I've been able to pick and choose what projects I'm particularly interested in.

I am now featured on the website, and Pixel-Vixens

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