Aug 1, 2008

Goth shoot 2008

Don McCaskill of NightShadows Photography and his wife Sue McCaskill of Ravenwood Photography are gearing up for the annual Goth Shoot in Victoria, Canada, currently set for the 26th. This is a large group shoot they do every year. Inviting as many models and other photographers as possible. Last year there were three models and three photographers and a make-up artist, but a lot of great images.

They are still looking for the ideal location in Victoria, BC to shoot this, but Last year Beacon Hill Park made a great location, but this year Don wants to get a more Gothic feel to the images and a park just doesn't do it. Maybe something a little more industrial?

This year they're hoping for a much larger gathering of models. If your interested in being a part of the shoot, and can get yourself there, contact Don, and he'll add you to the contact list he's building.

If you want to see what has been done in the past check out 2006 and 2007.

*** Please Note ***
Model Releases are required for these shoots, so you must be 18yrs or have your legal guardian in attendance. Prior arrangements can be made as well.

Some Questions that Don has answered.
Q: How long will the models spend with each photographer?
A: As of yet we don't know how many Photographers and models there will be, so we'll probably have to wing it. The shoot is currently scheduled for 10am - 4pm.

Q: What is the compensation to the models?
This is a TFCD (trade for CD) shoot. Each model will receive a copy of all the images on CD and rights to use images that they appear in for their portfolio.

Q: Do the models make individual arrangements with each photographer prior to the shoot?
A: Individual arrangements can be made, and you can say that you won't shoot with a particular photographer. NightShadows and Ravenwood will have their own release forms at the shoot and arrangements can be made to view them in advance. Other photographers are being encouraged to bring releases.

Q: What are the photographs being used for after the shoot?
After the shoot the pictures are strictly for portfolio purposes unless other arrangements are made.

Q: Who provides the clothing/apparel for the shoot?
Clothing is provided by the model.It is up to them to fit the theme of Gothic. In some cases with the photographers, something may be arranged.

Q: Who is doing Make-up and Hair Styling?
A: Again this is usually up to the model, we are not a professional shoot. We are trying to find MUA and stylists for the shoot, and Caitlin did an excellent job last year, hopefully she'll be back this year, with others.

Q: What is a model release and why is it needed?
A: A Model Release Form is a contract drawn up between a photographer and model either before or after a shoot detailing where and how the images from the shoot may be used by the photographer, and model. It spells out what either party can do with the images and what either party gets from the project.

Where can I get a release? Is it necessary?
A: The photographers will have them on the day of the shoot. If you want to see what you are signing in advance, a sample can be emailed to you.
Necessary? Essential!

Can I tell other potential models about this shoot?
Yes! This is all about the-more-the-merrier. We want this to be a fun event, so by all means, let your friends know.

Just don't forget, this is a GOTH shoot. We want people dressed in gothic attire.

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