Apr 16, 2011

Feature: Lisa Jablonski



GGotW: I see images of you with an Amp and Guitars, are you part of a band?
LJ: A lot of the gear in my photos isn't mine, but yes, I am in a band. It's a metal band called, called Borzig, in which I play guitar and vocals.
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GGotW: How long has the band been together?
LJ: I've been in this band since December 2005. We're currently going through another major lineup change. All we're lacking at the moment is a drummer, and we should be recording and playing shows as soon as we find our last bandmate.

GGotW: Who are you band-mates?
LJ: Currently my boyfriend, Kevin, is my lead guitarist and backing vocalist, and our bass player is named Jim.

GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
LJ: I've been modeling for about a year.

GGotW: Why did you start to model?
LJ: I started to model because it seemed like a funny hobby that I wanted to try for a while. Everyone had always told me I was really photogenic, but I never really had the confidence to go and get photos taken. But I tried it and loved it! Now I model to show the world that different people aren't all freaks. We're beautiful as well. Maybe even more so than the generic fake women society pushes us to believe are beautiful.

GGotW: Is there a story to the blue streak in your hair?
LJ: I look so plain without it! I have a really strange skin tone. I love cool colors on my myself. People always try to make everything warm - Their hair, skin tone, etc. I believe humans are naturally cold beings, so why fake warmth? Blue has also become my favorite color.

GGotW: You do make-up as well, which came first?
LJ: Makeup came slightly before. I'm self taught, as my cosmetology school only really taught us about hair.

GGotW: Do you enjoy being on set as a MUA, or as a Model more?
LJ: I like doing both actually. I'm super picky about everything, and everyone always knows their own face best, so I prefer doing my own makeup. When other models see what I can do, they trust that I'll also do their makeup well.

GGotW: What photographers have you shot with?
LJ: XZanthia, Jim Sorfleet, Tim Anders, Jedediah Speer, George Alvarado, Gene Kresser, Sergio Vasquez, Akilam Studio, Matthew Dolinar

GGotW: What is you favorite photo to date?
LJ: Probably the one taken by Jim Sorfleet, with the two guns and red background. I love when photographers know exactly how to direct a model to get a good shot, and Jim is great at that.

GGotW: I see you're a spokes model for the Illinois Modeling Network. Who are they?
LJ: We're a new group started by XZanthia from the Flordia and Colorado Modeling Networks. We help models and photographers network and plan events to get together and create some awesome photos! We're also looking to help people who are new to the industry succeed and reach their full potential!
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Girls like Lisa are to few. What better mix can you get than a Gorgeous Goth Girl, A Mesmerizing Metal Chick/Model. She caught my attention.

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