Feb 28, 2012

Feature: Roxana Dellamorte


GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
RD: I started modeling at the age of 11. That means that I've done shoots for 6 years.

GGotW: How did your dream begin?
RD: I think every little girl dreams of being famous and being an actress, singer and something like that. But nobody wants to listen me singing ;) So I´ve dreamed of being a model and do photoshoots although I am a very small person. In my opinion the size doesn´t matters when you are good at what you do. Back to the topic: My grandmother supported me. I attended a lot of castings. Suddenly I got my first job.

GGotW: When you're not in front of a camera, how do you express yourself artistically?
RD: I am a talentless girl. But I try to express myself with my clothing, and of course in everything I do. It´s important to be involved in policy and animal protection. In daily life I am time-poor. I have to study for school, to work and to keep fit. I love to eat and I eat the whole day.
So I have to do sports.

GGotW: Who makes you happy?
RD: My sweet poodle, Desi makes me always happy. When I am very sad my dog gives me hope. Also my family is great. My mum isn´t only my mother, she is the best friend I ever had. My biggest pleasure is to go shopping, to buy new dresses and shoes.

GGotW: Who was the first photographer you worked with?
RD: I don´t know who my first photographer was, but I took a break when I was 13. At 14 I had a comeback with my lovely photographer Kristin Behrens with who I work now. And I created Roxana Dellamorte. Roxana is something like my big sister who guides me. A self-confident, strong personality. Since I was a child I wanted to be like Roxana. She is still my fantasy´s product but also a big part of me. Without this character I can´t exist. I know that sounds strange and a bit shizophrenic. It´s difficult to explain :D

GGotW: Who have you worked with most recently?
RD: This question is easily answered. There a lot of photographers I worked with several times but I can´t count how often I worked with Tom Ahrens. It was simply too often ;). He thaught and supported me. And he became a very close friend. It´s like he is a family member. But I worked with Kristin Behrens recently until she moved in a city far apart from my residence.

GGotW: Have you been published?
RD: Yes, a few times. It started with an advertisement for a Bank followed by some merchandise and small publications in magazines. In 2011 the band "Perfect Sin" published their new CD ready to play and I was the girl on the cover.

GGotW: Do you travel out of Germany for shoots?
RD: Until now I hadn´t have occasion to travel out of Germany for shoots. It would be like a dream if I get a request of working in an other country.

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