Apr 21, 2012

Feature: Anna Marine

Model Mayhem

GGotW: So you're a Maxim Model, how did that happen?
AM: Oh it was fun! It was there October issue, Halloween, and they needed a sexy girl with gothic image but without tattoos, piercing and other stuff and they found me.
They wanted me posing in lacy little shorts, but that's too much for me, so I agree to a short black dress, they wanted me to talk about my love of Twilight and Edward, but I really don't like that stuff, so I talked about Bram Stoker and J.S.Le Fanu' s books. I think that's why I got 3 pages instead 4   XD

GGotW: What edition of Maxim did you appear in?
AM: It was Maxim en Español (MAXIM Spain)

GGotW: Do you have any photographers that you work with over and over?
AM: Yes, I have one. Her name is Nadya and she is my №1 photographer. She is very professional and she knows how to make a great shot! She is also good friend of mine.

GGotW: I saw somewhere that you have an iPod app? What is that about?
AM: Yup, that's true, I've released my app for the iPhone in 2011. It contains my art and photos and also some links to my websites. I hope to release a second version of this app soon with more art and photos.

GGotW: When your not a model you're an Illustrator, what kind of stuff do you do?
AM: I do gothic and dark fantasy drawings mostly. I really love it.

GGotW: In doing book illustrations, who do you work for?
AM: I worked with big Russian publisher AST,where I did covers for C. Harris, P.Briggs, J.Rardin, K.Richardson, C.M. Green and others and also I worked with French publishers Editions-cauchemars and writer Cecile Guillot

GGotW: You have your own line of T-Shirts?
AM: Not really. I do a t-shirts designs only so far. I collaborate with Spiral Direct, a UK company, doing designs for their products. It's just a dream come true, because I remember that when I was 15 I found their t-shirts on the Internet, with Anne Stokes designs and asked my parents to buy me one. And now I work with them. Still can't believe in that.

GGotW: Where can someone get one?
AM: You can always find it at Spiral direct website Spiraldirect.com and also at emp WWW.Emp.de

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Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!I like that she is not standard boring trash/gothic model.She brings purity to trash/goth models business