Apr 13, 2012

Feature: Leanan Bloodflower



GGotW: Who got you started in modeling?
LB: It was a photographer living near my city, The.Ory. She told me she was an alternative photographer and asked me to model for her. I found it a very enjoyable experience, so I continued modelling.

GGotW: How did you meet The.Ory?
LB: We first met through Myspace, then we decided to have a face to face meeting since we lived nearby and we shared many interests especially in goth music and subculture. There are very few people with these kinds of interests where I live. I was very happy to meet her as a friend and to discover, thanks to her, the existence of a kind of photography centred around models belonging to alternative subcultures.

GGotW: What kind of places do you like to do shoots?
LB: I particularly love abandoned places as locations, like ruins of ancient villas or castles for their historical atmosphere full of memories, or abandoned hospitals or factories for the sick and decaying feeling they can give to the picture. I find it very easy and productive to interact with such places when I model, it's like each of them has a story of their own to tell me; in those locations I like to model following this sort of "indications" the place gives me, hoping that this "strange" story or fairytale will be shown too in the photos once finished.

GGotW: What is your ideal shoot?
LB: I think a deeply artistic one, which has a story to tell and it's perceived as "rich" in significance, but at the same time very attentive to the details, to the alternative fashion, since wearing and planning peculiar dresses and styles is one of the funniest and most creative parts of organizing a shoot.

GGotW: What countries have you shot in?
LB: Right now I've mainly travelled Italy to take shoots, for example in cities like Rome or Milan, or to places with interesting historical or naturalistic locations, but I'm planning this summer or soon after to try Germany, it would be wonderful and there are plenty of great alternative photographers and models there.

GGotW: You enjoy singing. What kind of stuff do you sing?
LB: I've learned to sing some years ago with the "Nightwish" kind of music. Right now I'm in a symphonic black metal group in which I sing the backing vocals and I play the keyboards and I've recently started a new project, a rock band in which I'm gonna sing the main vocals. I would have loved to sing in a "batcave" goth group, but sadly I'm not in the right place or time for that!

GGotW: What is your current band called?
LB: Initially it was called Nocturno but we thought that it was not a very original name. So we've changed it and now it is called Strawberry Nocturne. It is inspired from a strange dream I had in which my mind mixed elements from Chopin's nocturnes and the Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever".

GGotW: What is your new group going to be called?
LB: We are pondering about what name should be best. We are thinking about Cherryblood Moon, because some time ago in Germany we saw the phrase "Kirschenblut im Mondenlicht" and we thought it was a fantastic name but since it's too long we have shortened it in Cherryblood Moon.

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Anonymous said...

Love Leanan's work. Great to see this interview!

Alexis said...

Congratulations on your interview!! There are some pics I had never seen before and they are really very beautiful =)
Now I look forward to see new pics and I'll wait to hear your voice in your musical projects. I hope for you to have the same success of Taylor Momsen, although in Italy it's very hard.

Jesus said...

Lovely photos!!! =) I'm so happy for this interview, it really shows your passion for modeling and your hard work!! All the best for the upcoming shootings (and...gigs? ^_^)