Nov 18, 2012

Feature: Metea Wolfova



When did you start modelling?
MW: Around 16. Started with 'normal' modelling. Didn't really like that kind of thing so I switched to Alt. modelling

GGotW: What styles of modelling do you enjoy?
MW: Avant-garde and Haute-macabre

GGotW: How many shoots do you think you do in a year?
MW: Around 30-40. Maybe more. Haven't really count till now :)

GGotW: What Photographers have you worked with lately?
MW: Lately with Doris Fatur, Marija Buljeta, Sanja Baljkas. Most of them are based in Croatia since I have my studies and can't travel a lot at the moment.

GGotW: What are you studying?
MW: I was studying graphic engineering and now I'm studying Fine Arts.

GGotW: What took you to London recently?
MW: Recently? Shooting and parties. Halloween parties are the best in London

GGotW: What keeps taking you back to London?
MW: The fact I just love that city and I like to travel. London is wonderful and there are so much opportunities there.

GGotW: Have you shot for any designers?
MW: Yes I did. One of my favourite shoots were with Tanja Bedekovic and her line "Couture Noir Shapes" and with Tonje Arnesen.

GGotW: What were you modelling with Tanja Bedekovic?
MW: You can find her work under the name "Couture Noir Shapes"  and "VonLamiae". Her designs are based on dark beauty and latex.

GGotW: Besides London and Croatia, where else do you get to travel?
MW: Oh, I was in Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Balkans. Next summer I'm planing to go to NY

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