Apr 8, 2013

Feature: Zelda



GGotW: What got you started in modelling?
Z: I've actually been a cosplayer twice as long as I've been modeling (Cosplaying for 11 years, modeling for 5). The very first photoshoot I ever did was of my Slave Leia cosplay. Originally, most of my modeling work was cosplay (a lot of it still is) but it has since progressed into a bunch of different genres :)

GGotW: What kind of modelling do you do?
Z: Magazine, web, runway, fashion house? Cosplay, horror, alternative/tattooed, fetish/ BDSM/
Shibari/ Suspension, art nudes, fantasy. A lot of my work has been published in magazines and on the internet, as I also make all of my own costumes.

GGotW: What styles do you like?
Z: Cosplay, goth, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, historical recreation, fantasy, fetish, leather, latex, black metal, original creations, Steampunk, dieselpunk, rivethead, Rockabilly, pinup. I'm all over the place with style. I'm a costume designer at heart, so my style changes A LOT.

GGotW: Do you get a lot of opportunities to model?
Z: Oh, yes. The past couple years have been great. I'd always love to do more though!

GGotW: Is your Costume Design work connected to you living in Hollywood?
Z: My costume work is mostly connected to the cosplay, re-enactment, and pre-enactment (post-apocalyptic) scenes. I do a lot of cosplay work for conventions and events, and I make most of the outfits you see me wearing in my photos. I also run an alternative modeling/photography group that I do a lot of the styling and art direction for. I style models from time to time, but my favorite person to design for and number one client is myself :)

GGotW: Who have you shot with?
Z: I've been lucky enough to shoot with a lot of talented people. Some of my favorites and regulars: J S Edmonds, Saltwater Production Co, Grant Palmer, Ken Marcus, Victor Lightworship, OnePixArt, DW Kim, Mark A Whitaker, Cris Jan Lim, MXD Studios, Devin Devoor, etc. I do a lot of group shoots and have been shooting for 5 years now so I've worked with A LOT of people.

GGotW: Anyone you'd like to shoot with that you haven't?
Z: Oh yeah, tons. Adam Chilson is the number one on my list of people I'd like to work with. I'd also love to work with Robert Alvarado, Danger Ninja, Dastardly Dave, Lithium Picnic, Surgeon Studios, and Chad Michael Ward, to name a few. There are a ton of talented people in the country, and in LA alone.

GGotW: Where do you see yourself in three years?
Z: Who knows. Hopefully I'll be a much better costumer by then. This year already I've been learning all sorts of new skills like metalworking. I'm hoping to start a magazine with my photography group. I'd love to continue to have more work published and maybe to someday be on the cover of a magazine or several.

GGotW: Do you have advice for those wanting to get started as a model?
Z: Do projects you are passionate about. Do not be afraid to work for free as you are starting out, but do not be afraid to ask for what you are worth down the road when you have a solid portfolio. Be sure to create a strong network of friends and artists, as you grow together, you will all become stronger as a whole. Network, show up on time, be reliable, be professional. Be confident, promote yourself. Be proactive. Never expect things to be easy - You will have to work your butt off to be successful! But it's totally rewarding and awesome.

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