Jun 10, 2013

Feature: Sammii Sinvil



GGotW: How do you maintain your pale completion and gothic appeal in the land of sunshine and amusement parks?
SS: I can't tan. I end up burning only. Everybody is expected to be super tan especially in the sunshine state but I have a huge love for my pale skin so tanning is not even an option. I just avoid being in the sun for too long mostly. Being anything other than average or normal is very frowned upon here. I've never been one to try & please other people so I dress as I please. I do get a lot of negative opinions but I feel mine are all that truly matters.

GGotW: Is there a story behind your name, Sammii Sinvil?
SS:  Actually yes. For the past few years, I went under other names but they were names I felt fit my personality & appearance. While I was using other names, I was quite a colorful person. I was always super colorful. I always had a bunch of colors in my hair at those times too. As I fell into a depression phase due to personal issues, I felt as if it was time to change the name I went by and; change my appearance. Modeling has always been my way of expressing myself so even when I was depressed, I made that my focus. That's when I stopped wearing so many colors and; started adjusting myself to match how I felt. Sammii Sinvil, I'd like to believe, is the darkest side of me.

GGotW: Even the darkest of us have things we enjoy, what is your biggest thrill?
SS: My biggest thrill has always been having needles pierce my skin. It's why I've had many piercings. Something about it is very enjoyable.

GGotW: Who got you started modeling?
SS: Before modeling, I was bullied throughout school for being not looking like or being like everybody else. I recall I been called "ugly" a bunch of times. Every time I was called things like that, I'd take my phone out & take photos & post them to remind myself, I wasn't ugly I was beautiful in a completely different way. Taking photos became my escape from all the negative & I did end up with so many photos. Later on, I ended up meeting a local photographer that saw potential in me & helped me. Through him, I met others & that kinda paved my way into modeling.

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
SS: So far I've worked with Greg Shepherd, Derek Wallman, David W. Scalf, Anthony &; Micheal Cuebas, Albert Dekota Sanchez & Ande Spade.

GGotW: What would you call your "DREAM" photoshoot?
SS: I'd say my dream photoshoot would be one I can bring the darkest in me out completely.

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