Jul 3, 2013

Feature: Lary Love Dolley



GGotW: How did you become a model
LLD: Longtime interest in modeling, photography and fashion led to experimenting in front of the camera and trying out different things which is how I started to work with people and websites interested in my particular styles.

GGotW: What got you started in music?
LLD: I was always singing or beating on something then one day, I grabbed the mic during a jam session and it began. From there I started writing,singing and drumming.

GGotW: Who have you performed with?
LLD: I have been involved with several projects; Tortured Cunt Meat (Grindcore-singer/lyricist), Razorblade Sex (Infernal Industrial-lyricist/singer/drum programmer), Halothane (Serial Killer Cover Duo-singer), and Vagina Dentata (Formerly known as The Orphans) (All female punk-drummer)

GGotW: Which bands are you with today?
LLD: Currently working on a project called Cybernaut, it's experimental industrial and I do the programming.

GGotW: You work in film, what do you do?
LLD: I write horror scripts and also act.

GGotW: What films have you made?
LLD: I have written and acted in several short horror films so far; "esc", "Invocate" which won the audience award at Time Code:Nola Super 8 mm Film Fest September 2012 and most recently "SKG" about a serial killer groupie, which is currently in post-production.

GGotW: Can we show one of your films?
LLD: Yes, here is the experimental horror short "esc"

GGotW: How would you describe your particular styles?
LLD: Rivethead, Industrial-Gothic- monochromatic military based aesthetics.
For modeling, I can and have temporarily adopted other variants of Gothic fashion for photo shoots such as borrowing elements from Gothic Lolita, Cyber, etc.

GGotW: You're in New Orleans, what is the Alternative culture like there?
LLD: New Orleans is well known to possess a unique vibe and culture in and of itself, lots of "different" types converge here, myself included. We have Goths,Vampires,Witches,Voodooists and more that freely interact here.

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