Dec 6, 2006

News: Gothloli on TV news

Tokyo Eye is an English language magazine show about curent fashion and style, on Japan's HNK television and in this episode Patrick Macias takes a look at the Gothloli style. As the fashion has evolved on the streets of Harajuku, a Tokyo neighbourhood, that has become the lolita / goth weekly meet-up site.

Shinjuku is region of Tokyo full of fashionable stores, and they take a look at a mall, Oione, were at least eight floors are full of gothloli fashion. Macias brings two extremes of the fashion in to th studio and breaks down the fashion for viewer.

Part Two starts with a visit to the home of Gothloli Choko-nyan, a twenty year old student, who has been in love with the look for over six years. Her persona Ayana is the band seeking darker loli.

Back in Harajuku foreigners have joined the scene. Also featured are Gothic Lolita Bible and Kera Manaiax Magazines. A very interesting report.



Anonymous said...

Aparently 'Tokyo Eye' misses the sexual overtones of the Lolita look, going on and on about the 'sunny innoccence' of it. Do they not get where the name comes from?

R.M. said...

Anon, the sytle and the novel are two different things entirely. Gothic style is (or at least should be) inherently sexy, but lolita in Japan is not based on the sexuality of the novel at all.