Jan 7, 2007

Feature: Acid Candy


GGotW: Where do you live?
AC: Misery.. aka Missouri USA

GGotW: What got you into the Gothic lifestyle?
AC: Ive always been different. i just kinda fell into it

GGotW: What is your definition of Gothic Lifestyle?
AC: anything alternative.. no i dont believe just dressing up in black and being moody constitutes the gothic lifestyle.. its not conforming to others and basically expressing yourself differently that its about

GGotW: Do you work in the gothic community, can you work in your style, or is it an after work style.
AC: Im the way i am all the time.. sometimes i feel like dressing up more than other days but still.

GGotW: What draws you to pose and model?
AC: Always loved it.. anything artistic that i can express myself with not something i have to comform to one style and pose and crap to model. this way i can be myself and be creative

GGotW: Have you been paid to model, what was the experience like?
AC: yeah a few times. I didnt really get into modeling to be famous or get paid or anything. I like to make art and i actually started modeling to learn more about photography and just ended up liking it alot.

GGotW: What is your favorite image to date?
AC: i dunno i have a couple. one of my favorite shoots though was at the haunted lemp brewery .. that was kick ass

GGotW: Where can people find you on the net?
AC: just about any modeling/profile site out there.. i get bored alot and join little sites just for the hell of it. sites im on the most: myspace.com and my site toxic-vixen im also on model mayhem.

GGotW: Do you have any advice for the younger goths looking to model and get into the community?
AC: be yourself.. dont try to be anyone else.. and dont give a fuck about what other people think or say.. its your life not thiers.

GGotW: What is planned for the future?
AC: To rule the world of course!

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Anonymous said...

First feature of the year cool.

Anonymous said...

Quite an entertaining read.

Anonymous said...

beautiful to the eye and mind.

Anonymous said...

i have followed Her work for quite a while. She is a persistent, hard working,... and very talented Woman!

Of course it doesn't hurt that She is also HOTTER THAN FRESH PIZZA!

Anonymous said...

how is being goth not conforming? you're conforming to a group and they way the group acts, dresses & what they listen to it.
Its not even really that alternative anymore. its more of a branch of the mainstream

Acid-Candy said...

actually i dont conform i dont act how most goths act i act more like a 50s housewife and raise my kids, i dont listen to what most people do,i prefer fleetwood mac and CCR over manson. You really should get to know me better before judging.