Oct 19, 2008

Feature: Raven



GGotW: What got you started in modeling?
Raven: Well, I have had many people stop me because they love my makeup. i am very creative so I like to try out different things-I hate being or feeling normal so I always go to the extreme. they would photograph me, use me for contests or articles. one day I answered an ad for a fetish model, and was hired. Since then I pretty much live in front of a camera!

GGotW: What do love about being in front of the camera?
Raven: Its like a fantasy-whenever I feel down, or fat, or ugly...I get all "dolled up" and have photos taken. Or when people photograph me, they put you in the dream world-this vision of you that only exists through film. I pretend my problems don't exist. I can see myself how other people see me..that, and it is incredibly flattering!

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
Raven: oh god...the biggest is probably Craig Joy. I just cannot remember them all...

GGotW: What do you do when you are not modeling?
Raven: I read, make dolls, cook. I love to cook! Am also an internet, and Myspace junkie (shame!)

GGotW: What is the night scene like in Christchurch, New Zealand?
Raven: There is absolutely no night life here to speak of. There is a fetish ball that happens rarely, Halloween I think, and that is all. I just got a car and I don't know anyone in this country-so I hate to admit I actually have never gone out.

GGotW: You seem to have quite a large following on YouTube, what do you think contributes to that success?
Raven: I think that because I'm honest, and real...that makes people like me. I've watched other people's videos and it's like they put on this totally annoying, fake, holier-than-thou persona when you just know they are not like that in person. The closest I get to that is with my blood videos...but besides that, I am sure to keep it real, and fight for the underdogs and unappreciated

GGotW: Why did you start the YouTube videos?
Raven: hahaha actually, funny story...I had a boyfriend at the time, and i wanted to get him more interested in me because he was very...stand-offish, if you know what I mean. So I made him a video of me talking to him, and I liked the way I looked. I wanted to post it but he didn't let me, so then I put on some black metal in the background, because it fit, and gushed out blood all over my body and boobs and called it "Bloody Fun". I posted that and I got a great response, so i got hooked. Now some of my vieos have over 200,000 views, and they have only been up for maybe a little under a year

GGotW: Do you prefer working on videos or photos?
Raven: That is a hard one. I love photos, because I can create any setting, and look, any situation with just my makeup, clothes, and the look on my face. With video it is much harder, but my personality comes through in a big way, and I can reach more people. But, I guess if I HAD to choose I'd say photos-because I take lots and not have to speak :-)

GGotW: If you could travel anywhere where would you go and what would you do?
Raven: I would revisit the USA, because I miss it and the prices! And I would for sure go back to my hometown, in Germany. I haven't been there since I was maybe 11-12, and I have really fond memories! I want to go clubbing and rub noses with their type of "freaks",lol

GGotW: What would you want to shoot given unlimited resources?
Raven: What would I want to shoot...? Hmmm...That is also a very hard question. I never ever put any thought into what I do, except if I want blood or not...I think my biggest dream is to do something with a lot of highly contrasting colors...like red on white on black...with the pale white skin being the white, blood being the red, and a black satin sheet or something being the back. I would want someone very unique-like overlooking the city or something, somewhere very hard to get to. The scenery here is so beautiful (I mean it is where Lord of the Rings was filmed)...but I am not a big nature fan. I like cities, and lights...like the Dallas skyline at night

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Anonymous said...

very beautiful and unique....

Harlequin said...

I love Raven, always have always will!

RAVEN said...

Hahaha thank you my sweet,sweet friends! Thanks for your votes-be sure to vote in writing as well (when you click "view results") and tell me who you are so I can thank you again :-D

ezrabeth220 said...

very beautiful and unique i so love raven

Mistress SyN said...

You are a most amazing woman Raven and as always I enjoy your pictures and comments....

Misanthropic said...

i love ur eyes they are as dark as night. i could just swim in them. i love all ur photos raven ur so beautiful

Amie said...

She is so pretty!

djnc said...

i vote for raven!!

shes dark and beautiful at the same time!!!!

hands down for sure!!!!!


vmprbiteme said...

i love raven so much! i'm so sorry you didn't win hunny.

Anonymous said...

very nice art