Mar 15, 2022

Feature: Lilith Regal Blood


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You're working on a novel, can you tell me about it?

LRB: The book I'm working on is not a novel.  it is an esoteric book which contains the keys of the answer which coincide with the three phases of the moon.  That is the phase of the waning moon "The elderly", the full moon "The mother", the crescent moon "The virgin".
This is a book that is born with the lunar vibrations and the messages contained in it, come from this: The moon.
They were released throughout the year of 2021, a symbolic year also known as the Aquarius era, the year that closes a cycle in its esoteric meaning, the beginning of the new change, where at its end, many veils have fallen and many things have been revealed for their true nature and essence.
An important energy change on a planetary level, essential for the evolution of being.

The number 20 in the major arcana represents "the judgment" understood as the dissolution of the masks of the ego, the discernment and therefore the fall of the veils.
The 21st "The World" which marks the beginning of a new cycle, or the entry into a new awareness of the self.
The 22nd "Il bagatto or Il Fool" which symbolizes emptiness, the nothingness from which everything starts, to rise to a higher stage of conscience or abandon oneself to the fatuous, to the vain to inconsistency.
It is no coincidence that in this year "2022", there are many dimensional portals that open and each bring a different energy awareness, it is no coincidence that one is today that I am writing to you, portal 22.02.2022
Obviously I have briefly described to you some focal points.

Are you self-publishing, or looking for a publisher?
LRB: Actually I would like to publish it with a publishing house, but all the things that have been proposed to me so far by them, have not turned out to be appropriate or what I was looking for. For this reason as soon as it is completed, I will make a self-publication of this book both in Italian and English.
If, on the other hand, what some publishing house proposes to me will be in tune with what I am looking for, I will consider the proposal.

GGotW: What are you reading right now?
LRB: At the moment nothing, given that I am working on my book and therefore I avoid any kind of influence. At most I read poetry, one of the poets I feel in tune with is Charles Baudelaire

GGotW: What is it that draws you to the works of Charles Baudelaire?
LRB: I love Charles Baudelaire, as his sometimes dramatic vision manages to describe quite complex concepts in a poetic way, the reality of the spirit that relates to matter, and however much it is a purely esoteric content and how natural it is. Expressed in language hermetic and allegorical, it still manages to reach those who are unable to dissect and transfigure this, with emotions, managing to delicately touch inner chords and somehow awaken flashes of dormant unconscious memory in the reader.
Having for years now advanced on an invisible path known as ignote to those who have never entered it and which leads by itself elsewhere, out of any sort of projection and leading to the authentic, I can affirm that the real curse consists in this:
"To assimilate and be aware of things that you will never be able to expose or say for what they really are"
There are various reasons, the words in some cases are a limit, there are no terms that can explain certain things and although with those that are there you try to give a vague explanation, the result is totally distorting the meaning.

Other things cannot be said, they could never be understood, in addition to this the risk is to regress until you forget everything about where you have arrived, why and who you are.
The truth is that certain things are not chosen, they choose you, by virtue of what you are, your awareness, your ability, your loyalty, your courage.
How much you are able to demonstrate, first of all to yourself and then to access the rest, so that you become the custodian of something unique on the way to reach the true self.
And silence in this case is ambrosia, so you are left with the ability to sigh between words only what is possible, since your task is not to lead others to a where, but to ignite, even if a spark, in the remote depths of one's being. ..
Whether to turn it into a flame or put it out only to them is given to know as much as to do it.
The royal darkness accompanies and shows the invisible to those who burn with their own light, otherwise it overwhelms them until of their true self no trace remains.

Jan 6, 2022

Feature: Noel


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GGotW: What do you like about dark places?
Noel: I feel a strange connection to dark places. I think they give me peace. But above all, these places inspire me.

What inspiration have you received from dark places?
Noel: Thanks to the local cemetery in my small town, I was able to write my first book. I also write stories, and when I feel without creativity I decide to go to some forest or some shady meadow.

GGotW: What bands are you listening to currently?
Noel: Black metal groups like Batushka, Marduk...but I also listen to instrumental gothic music like Nox Arcana or Peter Gundry and by supposed bands like The Sisters of Mercy.

Are you reading anything interesting currently?
Noel: Yes! I recently received the copy of the latest issue of "Witches Magazine" in which I have contributed one of my photographs, and it is an interesting read on the occult and paganism.

GGotW: Do you consider yourself a witch?
Noel: Yes, I have been practicing witchcraft for almost a decade.

GGotW: What values of witchcraft do you covet the most?
Noel: I think that something very important in witchcraft is herbology. I am a huge fan of plants. I also believe that dream spells are important. However, I am not a big fan of tarot or crystals although I would like to learn more about it.

GGotW: What object do you consider most sacred?
Noel: The skulls. It seems to me a metaphor of life and the death of a living being.

GGotW: Do you have skulls or collect skulls of any kind?
Noel: I have a small skull belonging to a rodent. I found that skull among henbane plants, in the corner of a church. Unfortunately it is the only skull I have, sometimes when I walk through the forest I try to look for a skull but at the moment I have not found another.

 How do you say Witch in Spanish?
Noel: "Bruja."

GGotW: Do you have a lot of plants in your home?
Noel: Yes! Luckily I live in a big house with a front garden and a back garden. I have aromatic plants, flowers, roses and two trees.

GGotW: Are there many clubs/places for Goths in your part of Spain?
Unfortunately, there are not many gothic places in Spain. There are only small clothing stores and some metal and gothic music bars in Madrid, the capital of Spain. A few years ago, there was an event called "Madrid Gothic Week" where activities such as reading gothic books, concerts, etc. were held, but that event was canceled years ago. A shame.

GGotW: You seem to photograph a lot of things other than yourself, what is your favorite subject?
Noel: My favorite subject is portraits and dark landscapes like gloomy forests or cemeteries. There is a really beautiful and eerie stillness in these places. As for portraits, I think that through photography we can see a piece of the person's soul.

GGotW: What kind of equipment do you Photograph with?
Noel: With a camera Nikon D5200.

GGotW: Do you edit your own images?
Noel: Yes!

GGotW: What is your photographic workflow?
Noel: I use two programs for editing my photos: Ipiccy and Photoshop, of course.  When I edit a photo first I correct imperfections, bad light, contrast, color temperature ... Then I let my creativity do its thing.

Jun 21, 2020

Feature: Miss Cherry Lace


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GGotW: You appear to have a wide range of styles, what is your favorite?
MCL: My favourite dress style is romantic gothic; I love lots of velvet, lace, Corsets and big skirts.

GGotW: Are there any brands your working with currently?
MCL: No direct brands but I've recently been featured in Bombshell , Lipstik , Xpressions and Rogue model magazines to name a few. I have a feature upcoming in Smitten Kitten and I'm working closely this year with Millwood Studios and Khloe Khan on a few shoots from July onwards including one for Delicious Dolls.

GGotW: Roughly how many modeling gigs do you get in a year?
MCL: I've only been modelling for 7 months. I have had around 5 gigs over the past two months.

GGotW: You photograph too, what led to that?
MCL: In my everyday life, I'm a freelance artist and Curator and my personal interest for the past 8 years has been in experimental photography. I don't tend to photograph other models very often but it is an area I'd like to get more experience in.

I've recently received a grant to buy a new camera so i am hoping to be able to start both a new art project and be able to use this for my modelling as well. 

GGotW: Do you tend to shoot yourself?
MCL: During lockdown I've been doing alot of self shoots. Normally my partner would help me with a shoot if we're having a spontaneous photo session but most of the time I've worked with professional photographers for the shoots i do. 

GGotW: What type of art do you do?
MCL: Primarily I create abstract work exploring the naturally occurring patterns in the world using photography and microscopy. I've had a huge interest for awhile in the surface of our skin and how it takes on the lived traces of life's experience so I'm looking to do more on that project once lockdown is over with the view to creating a unique portrait of the self from the patterns recorded on my body. 

GGotW: How have things changed for you during Covid-19?
MCL: All shoots are on standstill but it has given me time to prepare and make plans and props for future shoots which has helped keep my mind busy at a tough time. 

GGotW: What kind of music are listening to?
MCL: My go to bands are usually The Birthday Massacre, VNV Nation, Type O Negative and BlutEngel. Most recently I've been listening to Diary of Dreams and Alestorm so my taste varies quite a bit depending on my mood. 

Mar 13, 2020

Goth Girl of the Year 2019

I am pleased to announce that the model chosen as Goth Girl of the Year 2019 is

Ellone Andreea

Jan 11, 2020

Year in Review 2019

Goth Girl CrossGoth Girl of the Week 2019 was surprisingly good. We had 7 interviews and one Profile of the St.Louis Zoo event: Goths at the Zoo. We interviewed one Canadian, two Americans (both from the east coast) and four Europeans. Not a bad first year back.

As for the visitors to the site, it's nothing like it was ten years ago. We saw 6,700 page views from 4,725 visitors. Creating 13 unique visits per day.

I have a few interviews started for 2020, and while I didn't get the ten interviews that I was hoping for for 2019, I saw enough interest in the site to make it worth keeping it going.

If you want to have a chance at being Goth Girl of the Year 2020, send me your submission. I'll conduct an interview with you by e-mail and you too could be a Goth Girl of the Week.

Goth Girls of the Week 2019

Ellone Andreea
Lilith the Vampire
USA East
Canada East
Contesa Cneajna
Sindy Pierce
USA East
Kuro Hana

Goths at the Zoo