Jun 21, 2020

Feature: Miss Cherry Lace


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GGotW: You appear to have a wide range of styles, what is your favorite?
MCL: My favourite dress style is romantic gothic; I love lots of velvet, lace, Corsets and big skirts.

GGotW: Are there any brands your working with currently?
MCL: No direct brands but I've recently been featured in Bombshell , Lipstik , Xpressions and Rogue model magazines to name a few. I have a feature upcoming in Smitten Kitten and I'm working closely this year with Millwood Studios and Khloe Khan on a few shoots from July onwards including one for Delicious Dolls.

GGotW: Roughly how many modeling gigs do you get in a year?
MCL: I've only been modelling for 7 months. I have had around 5 gigs over the past two months.

GGotW: You photograph too, what led to that?
MCL: In my everyday life, I'm a freelance artist and Curator and my personal interest for the past 8 years has been in experimental photography. I don't tend to photograph other models very often but it is an area I'd like to get more experience in.

I've recently received a grant to buy a new camera so i am hoping to be able to start both a new art project and be able to use this for my modelling as well. 

GGotW: Do you tend to shoot yourself?
MCL: During lockdown I've been doing alot of self shoots. Normally my partner would help me with a shoot if we're having a spontaneous photo session but most of the time I've worked with professional photographers for the shoots i do. 

GGotW: What type of art do you do?
MCL: Primarily I create abstract work exploring the naturally occurring patterns in the world using photography and microscopy. I've had a huge interest for awhile in the surface of our skin and how it takes on the lived traces of life's experience so I'm looking to do more on that project once lockdown is over with the view to creating a unique portrait of the self from the patterns recorded on my body. 

GGotW: How have things changed for you during Covid-19?
MCL: All shoots are on standstill but it has given me time to prepare and make plans and props for future shoots which has helped keep my mind busy at a tough time. 

GGotW: What kind of music are listening to?
MCL: My go to bands are usually The Birthday Massacre, VNV Nation, Type O Negative and BlutEngel. Most recently I've been listening to Diary of Dreams and Alestorm so my taste varies quite a bit depending on my mood. 

Mar 13, 2020

Goth Girl of the Year 2019

I am pleased to announce that the model chosen as Goth Girl of the Year 2019 is

Ellone Andreea

Avoid WG Tank Top

Avoid WG Tank Top

Jan 11, 2020

Year in Review 2019

Goth Girl CrossGoth Girl of the Week 2019 was surprisingly good. We had 7 interviews and one Profile of the St.Louis Zoo event: Goths at the Zoo. We interviewed one Canadian, two Americans (both from the east coast) and four Europeans. Not a bad first year back.

As for the visitors to the site, it's nothing like it was ten years ago. We saw 6,700 page views from 4,725 visitors. Creating 13 unique visits per day.

I have a few interviews started for 2020, and while I didn't get the ten interviews that I was hoping for for 2019, I saw enough interest in the site to make it worth keeping it going.

If you want to have a chance at being Goth Girl of the Year 2020, send me your submission. I'll conduct an interview with you by e-mail and you too could be a Goth Girl of the Week.

Goth Girls of the Week 2019

Ellone Andreea
Lilith the Vampire
USA East
Canada East
Contesa Cneajna
Sindy Pierce
USA East
Kuro Hana

Goths at the Zoo

Princess Plus Size T-Shirt

Princess Plus Size T-Shirt

by Dark_Apparel

Nov 24, 2019

Feature: Kuro Hana

Personal SiteKuro Hana
FacebookKuro Hana Model
InstagramKuro Hana Doll
YouTubeKuro Hana Model

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GGotW: Is there a meaning behind the name Kuro Hana?
KH: Kuro Hana translates to Black Flower in Japanese. I think this pseudonym fits me well because I like Japanese culture and things that are dark.

GGotW: Do you ever incorporate your love of Japan in your modeling?
KH: Yes through some shoots and cosplays. that's one of the things that inspires me.

GGotW: Does your cosplay inspire your modeling or does your modeling inspire you cosplay?
KH: I do not like the term "cosplay" because my look is not cosplay, it's just my personality, my creativity and a mix of lots of things I like. Cosplay for me is to embody one of our favorite manga characters.

GGotW: What got you started with Alternative Modeling?
KH: I started a little by chance, I needed to affirm myself more, I wanted to show my style and my universe. I started as a model because I wanted to regain my self-confidence after having a difficult adolescence. I wanted to turn the page.

GGotW: Did you find modeling a good way to turn the page from adolescence?
KH: Yes, it helped me and allowed me to move forward

GGotW: Is there anyone that you work with on a regular basis?
KH: I work regularly with my boyfriend who is an amateur photographer to carry out most of my projects.

GGotW: How would you say you've changed since you started in 2012?
KH: I would say that I have evolved at my own pace. Thanks to photography, I was able to meet a lot of people. I have had both good and bad experiences. I had disappointments but I never gave up, I always persevered despite the difficulties. I learned not to fear the eyes of others. I took more insurance.

GGotW: What brands are you currently working with?
KH: I have worked with a few brands. Recently, I collaborated for Crazyinlove

GGotW: What other things do you enjoy?
KH: I like animals especially cats for whom I have a lot of affection. I am a music addict, I love goth music and metal. I like everything about art like drawing, photography, writing ... I like fashion and makeup. I like nature and archeology. Manga and Japanese culture. Science fiction and fantasy ...

GGotW: Looking through your images you seem to have a lot of different hair styles and colours, do you have a favorite or is it dependant on the outfit?
KH: It's true that it depends on the outfit, so that everything is harmonious. Otherwise, I like to mix styles and stand out. I always like wearing dresses and skirts and having a very feminine look. I'm also a fan of lace, I appreciate dark hues. For hair, I like to change color, I have a slight preference for red hair, purple and blue.

Oct 22, 2019

Feature: Sindy Pierce


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GGotW: When did you start modeling?
SP: I started modeling around the start of 2019 but I didn't transition into alt modeling until April 2019. I'm still pretty new!

GGotW: What kind of modeling did you do at first?
SP: I did mostly classic Florida modeling - bikini and fitness type shoots.

GGotW: What caused you to transition from bikini modeling to ALT modeling?
SP: I didn't transition out of bikini modeling entirely. As you can see from my Instagram feed, I definitely still do bikini shoots. Before I started alt modeling, I was trying to maintain the "girl next door" look that's classic for Florida models. But, that didn't match my personal style at all - it wasn't very authentic. Now, I'm modeling suits that are more alternative (like my buckle suit or my leather bikini) and the makeup has my gothier vibe that's much more "me" and I think people pick up on that.

GGotW: How have you been able to push for ALT modeling in more mainstream adverts?
SP: Leather is super in right now so that's an easy stepping stone. I was able to do a more alt look for a car advertisement which you don't see a lot. The company that hired me was into my leather skirt/jacket/booties look so I paired it with darker make up for an alt style.

I've started to blend my bikini experience with alt makeup - it's being received well! I'd like to do more of that in the future.

GGotW: Leather or lace, what is your preference?
SP: Leather, definitely. I have like leather everything - jackets, shorts, pants, skirts, corsets, chokers, booties, a hat, bags, and even a leather bikini. I love the look and feel of the material.

What have you found to be the hardest thing about modeling?
SP: Figuring out who is genuine and who is trying to take advantage of you. I've met some really great people in the industry, but I've also come across a lot of people who just try to use you for their own benefit.

GGotW: How do you stay pale in Florida?
SP: Sunscreen is a must (try to pick brands that are safe for coral)! My daily moisturizer has SPF so that helps day-to-day. If I know I'm going to be outside for more than 30 minutes, I'm religious about applying SPF 50+ to any part of my body that will be exposed to the sun. Also, if I'm going to be outside for extended periods of time I wear an oversized hat to protect my face and neck. Overall, I do my best to be prepared, but I still get burned from time to time - such is life!

GGotW: What advice can you give to other ALT models looking to start?
SP: Advice I have for any model looking to start is to prioritize your safety over anything else. Do your research and trust your instincts! And, pardon my cliche, if something seems to good to be true - it probably is.

Advice I have specifically for alt models is that the alt community is super supportive - use them as a resource! Don't be afraid to reach out to other alt models/artists for tips and tricks because, in my experience, the community has been super willing to help each other out.