Sep 1, 2006

Feature: Wednesday Mourning

Wednesday Mourning is a California model who has has been working in the alternative realm. 

She looks for: Goth, EGL, Industrial/Gothic Fashion, Artistic and the Strange and Unusual!!

Measurements? 34-25-35
Height / Weight? 5’8 . 115 pds

GGotW: Where did you get the name Wednesday Mourning? Was there an inspiring faction or was it taken from a source or two? 
WM: I am very happy you asked this as it seems to have been a source of confusion. The Wednesday part came from a victorian nursery rhyme *not* from the Addams Family. My mother started calling me Wednesday when I was about 13 and that has been my chosen name since. A few years ago I added the Mourning onto it to differentiate myself from the Addams family and for anyone else using that name…and it’s funny! I love creepy-silly things and my name pretty much expresses that.
GGotW: Favourite colour?
WM: Purple

GGotW: Favourite food?
WM: Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken Fried Venison YUM! (I’m a Southern gal)

GGotW: What part of the country do you live in?
WM: I live in Hollywood, California

GGotW: Was the gothic modeling your first genre, or did you start in another field and move into Goth?
WM: Nope it is my first and will always be my main genre. I have specific tastes and preferences that I have had since a child that will never change. I.E I do not “genre hop”...this is who I am through and through.

GGotW: Who's your favourite photographer to work with?
WM: That’s a very hard question, I like each one for different reasons. I enjoy spending time with Rebekah Boyle as she seems like the creepy sister I never had, and Renard Garr is so excited about his work that it’s a blast shooting with him. Each one has their own great qualities artistically and individually that I just can’t answer that question :)

GGotW: What keeps you busy when you're not modeling?
WM: Reading... lots of reading.

GGotW: When you model are the clothes yours already, or are they bought / designed special for the shoot?
WM: Lately a lot of the clothes have been provided for me in exchange for promotional use by the designers, but when I started out I had to provide all my own.

GGotW: What's your favourite outfit to date?
WM: I've worn some very interesting things in the past, my current favourite would be a 1800’s style corset and Panniers I wore for a shoot for Lovely Creature Corsetry.

GGotW: What will you not shoot, or are you limitless?
WM: I will not shoot nudes, typical pin ups, cliché vampire things (fangs and fake contacts) or anything that I find boring (like a GAP ads;).

GGotW: Have you ever been ask to do something in a shoot and weren't sure you wanted to?
WM: Chris Anthony normally prompts me to create a emotion with my face (anger/shock/ horror) and I normally don’t feel comfortable expressing myself physically. I always wonder how it’s going to look on film but he always manages to make it appear real and visceral. I will always work with him, he is one of my favs!

GGotW: What's up next for you? More shoots, shows, or some other project that you're working on in another field.
WM: I have just done a shoot with  for ’s new album “The Black Parade” coming out October 24th. Although I have yet to see it I am sure it will be great!


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Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Wednesday Mourning is my fav model!!!

Falcon said...

We're glad so many people are enjoying the Wednesday Mourning feature, and her special announcement. Please let us know what you think of our new site, and if you want to be featured, check the rules page.

Anyone can make a comment.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday Mourning as unique as she is beautiful, recently she has p permitted m eto work her into some avitar work i like to do and i am greatfulk because she has the kind of look that would work wonders and i would so like to know where i can find more sites with her pics po sted because i think she deserves more coverage than she is getting....

Keep up the great work Wednesday maybe you could think of lookin g for someething in Australia where I am from I would love one day to meet you in person

a friend

Anonymous said...

gawds sorry for my typos lol but typos aside i meant every word

Anonymous said...

Here I am trying to muster ideas and search for shots that are beautiful and mysterious, that muster emotion and feast the eyes. You lady are all this and some, not some excuse for cheap porn like snaps.I love the website, and pray I can find a model that is as good in front of a lens as you are in my neck of the woods. (Northern Ontario Canada)Excellent work and dont stop, just be you, thank you for sharing this art with everyone.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday Mourning is really beautiful, and she's one of my favourite models. How I can establish in this interview, she also had a singular temperament. I acquaint her site about two years ago, and I'm still in love with it!

P.S: sorry if my english isn't perfect, but I'm italian.

Falcon said...

Thank you Bloody Cream, for you comments, yes Wednesday is gorgeous. We were so lucky to have her as our first feature.