Jul 20, 2010

Feature: Kat Kalashnikov



GGotW: What came first the Fetish Performer or the Model?
Kat K: I started modeling for the company before I performed for them, that is solely because I had to go thru proper training to perform onstage.

GGotW: What Company?
Kat K: Single Cell Productions.

GGotW: What kind of Modeling do you do?
Kat K: I mostly do alternative modeling: fetish- medical,basic dom and sub, rope suspension, latex; and alt clothing (including my clothing company Crash Trash). I have actually done some commercial work as well, they had to paint over all of my tattoos!

GGotW: What is it about modeling that you enjoy?
Kat K: Before I even modeled I would pose in place, I'm naturally aesthetic in stance (sounds weird I know). But the biggest part I enjoy is being able to create my own concept and make it happen. I tend to put a lot of work into makeup, pose, hair, wardrobe, and set. It is my art, like a pretty painting.. even if it is sometimes sick and twisted.

GGotW: Who have you done shots with?
Kat K: I do a lot of base work in Charlotte with Justin Kates and Scott Bilby, and there is so many others to list, in my travels I have been very lucky to work with Mojokiss, Laura Dark, and Destroy Inc. to name a few.

GGotW: How did you get started as a Fetish Perform?
Kat K: I went to a fetish show when I was 19, I remember looking at the gorgeous girl on stage dominating both men up there, and I grinned and thought I want to do that in front of hundreds of screaming fans. So I worked at it and two years later I was mainstage performing my own written pieces.

GGotW: Where could someone go to see one of your shows?
Kat K: For the moment I am on leave focusing on my clothing company and modeling. I am based in Charlotte working for Single Cell Productions, with them I have traveled from Atlanta, GA up to Buffalo, NY

GGotW: What kinds of things do you do in you acts?
Kat K: I adore medical fetish, and have drawn up some shows deep-throating syringes, and making medical cuts on my skin. Also I have shaved my head completely bald while being electrocuted and ate pages of the Bible. I have a thing for pigs too, so I did a show in pig masks hogtying a girl we flogged.

GGotW: -_^ Kinky!

**Update: Kat has appeared on the cover of PH Mag issue #3, Blip Bop Magazine issue #3, Tattoo Revue issue #150, Culture Asylum January 2011 issue. On part of the cover and four page interview of Tattoo Vixens Magazine. Her clothing designs were also featured in Alt Fashion Magazine issue #16. "Lets just say I have worked really hard this year to make a name for myself." That she has.

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Lynnette said...

Kat is sooo gorgeous!

Kim Attacks said...

So cool! She is one of my favourites, great style!

Anonymous said...

awesome your red corset