Sep 17, 2019

Feature: Contesa Cneajna

Height 5' 1" (155cm)
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GGotW: When did you start modeling?
CC: In February, 2018, right after I created my Instagram account.

GGotW: Why did you start?
CC: I have always loved gothic fashion and enjoyed creating different looks and outfits. I also wanted to have a small place in the web where I could vent my creativity. I love modelling because I can transform myself into virtually anything: I can become a vampire, a horned succubus, a witch, etc. and I love putting some fantasy into mundane everyday life.

GGotW: Who does your pictures?
CC: Most of them are taken by myself, using a tripod and a self-timer. My outdoor photos are taken by my boyfriend. I enjoy taking photos by myself because I can be in charge of everything; usually I have a precise vision in my mind of what result I want to achieve.

GGotW: Do you work with any brands?
CC: Yes, I worked with some amazing brands in the past, however, I do not have any long-term collaborations. I am very thankful for the brands that reach out to me and they want me to promote their items and I really appreciate that I have the opportunity to model for companies I have always looked up to.

GGotW: What are a few of the brands that you have worked with?
CC: The first brand that I've collaborated with was Killstar. I was so honoured when I got contacted by them, since I've always looked up to them and they are my favourite brand by far. So far I have also collaborated with brands like Devil Night UK, Rock n' Doll Store, Grave Reflections, Fuck It Cloth, and some more.

GGotW: What is your main influencer?
CC: My main influence is music. I am absolutely addicted to music, I can't live without it, my musical taste is very broad and varied. The bands that inspire me the most are Cradle of Filth (their lyrics are a masterpiece, when I listen to them I always think of gothic castles and powerful female vampires) and Type O Negative (when I listen to them I picture a misty graveyard covered in autumn leaves). As far as people are concerned, my main inspiration is British model Dani Divine. I followed her for a few years before I created my own account, I have always admired her confidence and stunning fetish style. The other one is Mahafsoun, I absolutely admire her vampiric vibe and the way she combines bellydance with metal and gothic style is truly impressive.

GGotW: What is your favorite film?
CC: I absolutely adore movies that could be described as a "Gothic fairy tale". These include masterpieces like "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and "The Company of Wolves". I love these titles since they are so appealing visually, they are like beautiful pictures, every little detail is well-thought out, and fits to the whole. Another favourite is "The Love Witch" from 2015. This film tackles the topic of wicca, which is among my interests. Again, the visual part is just stunning: the outfits are splendid, so is the interior design, filled with beautiful objects. I also love the message of this film: it tells women that they should not be afraid of their sexuality and femininity and embrace it and flaunt it, as it is one of their main powers.

GGotW: What is your most favored fantasy element?
CC: My most favoured fantasy element are all supernatural, half-human creatures like vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, etc., because they portray both the darkest fears and desires of the human race, for example the desire to live forever, possess immense strength, control the elements, and so on.

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