Jun 19, 2011

Feature: Rip van Winkle

German Blonde Goth



GGotW: Is there a story behind your name?
RvW: Yes, in an anime called "Hellsing," there was a vampire woman called Rip van Winkle. I was so impressed with this character, she was so strong and proud, so I chose this name for me.

GGotW: How would you classify your particular Gothic style?
RvW: Dominant, elegant and glamorous. I prefer red lipstick, curly hair, eyeliner and snow white skin. The extraordinary burlesque inspired me a lot. I am fascinated by beautiful accessories like pasties, pearls, feathers and gloves. I would describe me as a "Cabaret Goth". But I don't like just the burlesque and cabaret styles. I really love Steampunk and the Victorian fashions, too.

GGotW: How did you start modelling?
RvW: Art was always a big part of my life. As I was child I started drawing pictures and created my own world.. I always want to make art, and modelling was the best way, in my eyes, to show my art to the world. All the hundred of ideas in my head.

I am not just a display dummy. Modelling, clothing designs and make-up are my big passions.

GGotW: As a Model do you have a favorite style?
RvW: Yes, most of all I prefer the Cabaret / Dark Burlesque style. It´s the most elegant way of the Gothic style and I love it very much!

GGotW: Do you work with a few photographers or a large range?
RvW: I have found my root photographers I worked regularly with. But I often look around for new photographers they impressed me to make pictures in different styles and different techniques It will be very boring if I work with just one or to photographers all time.

GGotW: Who is your favorite photographer to work with?
RvW: I have worked with so many great photographers! My personal favourites I've worked with in the past were Joachim Ruf and Lichtreize Photography.

GGotW: Do you have any fetishes?
RvW: I have a big weakness for corsets. Yes, it sounds typical but there's no better feeling than to have a minimally reduced waist. I wish I could wear a corset every day! And I love to wear tight nylons. It´s like a second skin. It's the best!

GGotW: What got you started designing fashions?
RvW: I have so many ideas in my mind. For example, If I want a dress full of pearls, I make it myself. I can´t buy extremely extravagant clothes, and If you can buy them, they would be cost an fortune.

GGotW: What are your plans once you're out of school?
RvW: First I want to get out of this small City I lived, meet new people. I want study fashion design, but it won´t be easy. It will be hard work. But learning to create professional fashion, that's what I always wanted to do.

GGotW: As a fashion designer do you have a favorite style?
RvW: I like the elegant way of clothing best. I cannot do anything with unspectacular dresses, skirts or something else. I don't need much of buckles, chains or skulls on my clothes. That's so typical and boring. I need details, glamour and beauty in my self designed clothes. I prefer for example a simply black corset, combined with a conspicuous bustle skirt and a detailed hat.

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Eileen said...

for me the Gothic "look" is achieved by the strong and unusual. Depending on where you live and who you are the potency of these attributes will vary. I like her.Her interview was nice,I would have liked to hear a more personal side of the woman than just the "fashonista" displayed. The images here show her depth. Welcome....Eileen

james said...

She is breath taking