Feb 11, 2007

Feature: Wicked Mina

Wicked Mina, Gothic Fairy


GGotW: Where do you live?
WM: Los Angeles, CA

GGotW: What got you started in Modeling?
WM: I started modeling when I was approached while in college to be photographed. Later I shot with a photographer who shot one of my friends and he invited me to an "alternative" modeling event called Something Wicked This Way Comes. I have been modeling ever since.

GGotW: You've done some high profile modeling, can you tell us about some of your best experiences?
Wicked Mina, blue hair, top downWM: I really loved working for Crimson Empress. Countessa is an incredible lady and a creative designer. I am a big fan of her designs and now I am one of her regular models. I also recently did a shoot for a cool subcutural magazine called "Imago". It was for a "punk rock wedding" and it was shot by Dan Santoni, who is a photographer that I have been wanting to work with since I moved to LA. I have also recently been approached by a rep. from Serious clothing to do an upcoming shoot for their wholesale website. Working for Ragdolly was one of my early cool experiences and resulted in one of the photos apprearing in Gothic Beauty Magazine.

GGotW: What shoot was your favorite?
WM: Anytime I shoot with Saryn Angel Photographer I really love it and have alot of fun. I also loved the photography events for the SWTWC project- I went to one in Atlanta and one in New Orleans. At these events I got to shoot with different photographers and do alot of costumes changes, so it was a alot of fun and I learned alot and met some great models and clothing designers.

GGotW: Why do you model for Goth themes?
WM: Although I do different types of "alternative" modeling and art modeling, Goth it is most closely related to my lifestyle and how I dress on a day to day basis.

Wicked Mina, gothic prayerGGotW: How do you define Goth?
WM: For me, being involed in "Goth" subcultures means I have a love for the dark romantic. I adore dark hidden ,strange and mysterious things, literature, music, and aesthetics. I am very childlike and whimisical with a sarcastic dark sense of humor and style which I feel matches this type of lifestyle. Being into goth to me is alot about appreciating the unconventional in many aspects in your life. Goth modeling is about seeing the unconventional and dark as beautiful. There's a lot more to this subject but basically this is how I sum it up I suppose. However being into goth isn't all about aesthetics, it's more about an attitude and way of thinking- it's a lifestyle not a trend. I like to think I move about in the world as if I am in my own dark fairytale...

GGotW: When you're not modeling, how do you dress?
WM: I dress goth or glam rock (more a combination of both). Sometimes I throw in some Japanese street wear elements.- I really love that style and try to incorporate it to make my style something that is my own.

Wicked MinaGGotW: When you are modeling what kind of thing do you like to do?
WM: I like to show different aspects of my personality and let my attitude shine through. My best shoots have been when I was relaxed and casual and just reacting to my environment.

GGotW: Have you modeled outside of the Goth/ALT style? What was it like?
WM: I have done some pin-up stuff and clubwear stuff which is cool though I guess that is kind of alt. as well... it's fun I am a fan of the classic pin-up and burlesque.

GGotW: Whats your latest shoot?
WM: I did a shoot today in downtown LA in the fashion district wearing club wear which was pretty cool. I definately got some intereresting looks...

GGotW: What have you got coming up?
WM: I have a few shoots coming up in march for Dark Destiny Designs, Lily's Shop, and Nighteshade Gothic Jewelry and also a pending pin-up shoot with Chow Mein Photography. Glaza is going to have a dark fairytale line that they have asked me to model for which is very flattering and I am really excited about.

Wicked Mina, super cuteGGotW: How would you advise a modeling virgin heading to their first shoot?
WM: Don't compromise. Don't do anything you don't want to do and also take a chaperon.Thing twice about doing nude work before you do it. There is a fine line between artistic nude and porn and know that if you decide to do GG or SG - that is considered soft core porn(like atl Playboy) in the (fashion)industry. If you do decide to do nudity or the other stuff don't let that be your first shoot-get some experience first. Don't work with photographers unless the work they have done is good quality. Don't work with a photographer if they hit on you when asking you to model for them... they should be professional. Don't pay to be shot- there are too many good photographers who will do beginning portfolio shots for TFP and many are happy to work withSweet little girl, goth new models. Learn how to do makeup and hair yourself if possible (or find someone to do it for you). Practice at home in front of the mirror and show your personality in poses and styling. Be happy with your body and body image and have confidence. Don't let bad images of you out in the world. Always be professional and expect professionalism from others. Develop your own style. Have fun and stay evil! ^v^

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