Mar 15, 2009

Feature: Poison Kandi




GGotW: What got you into the Gothic lifestyle?
PK: Truth be told I have always been interested in things slightly off normal, but when I was body piercing argh I came obsessed with it and from there it lead me becoming the actual person i wanted to be, with no limitations.

GGotW: What is the selection of shops in and around Perth like for Goth or do you
order it all online?
PK: Perth has started opening its mind towards alternative fashion in the last year or so, we have a few good shops like Red Stripe (specializing in Demonias, and Lip Service), Burlesque Baby just opened up, Mame and Wildylocks are also good! But most of my clothes/outfits/shoes and hair come from online, or custom made!

GGotW: What got you into modeling
PK: I decided to go into modeling when I was asked to be the promotions model for a piercing parlor in Perth, Western Australia.

GGotW: What has been your favorite part of modeling?
PK: Being able to be something different every day, and meeting new, interesting people!

GGotW: What would you like the opportunity to do, as a model?
PK: I'd like to be able to show the people who doubted me three years ago when I had a face full of metal, that even pierced chicks can make it in the world of modeling!

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
PK: I worked with Raider Schoop who was creating a book based on alternative fashion hehe oO i was a bit chubby back then but got some awesome shots out of the set, and have done some work for a few underground photographers around Perth.

GGotW: Have you shot with other models?
PK: I haven't actually done any shoots with other models, I'm actually in the middle of organizing a shoot with another model for this year :) which should be awesome fun!

GGotW: Do you have any shoots coming up?
PK: I've got a fukd up Alice in Wonderland makeup shoot coming up, along with a clothing shoot for Pink Metal X Industries :)

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Anonymous said...

Cool feature its great to hear a little about the alternative scene in perth poison kandi has some awesome photos I really like her style.

BLEE! said...


Vicious Girl said...

wow, what a hot little outfit. I love alt girls with their own style. :) Great site btw.

Anonymous said...

does she really weigh 40 kg?
I would check the infos again...