Jun 8, 2009

Feature: Felina Fetishdoll



GGotW: What is the scene like in The Netherlands?
FFd: I’m not participating a lot in the Dutch gothic scene. I usually go to fetish parties and sometimes there are gothic parties like Bal du Masque, Tokio Decadence or Midnight Sin that attract people from the fetish scene too. Recently I was at the Elf Fantasy Fair, a huge fantasy event being held in the gardens of a Dutch castle where a lot of different Gothic and fantasy styles meet each other.

GGotW: Do you travel a lot for your photo shoots?
FFd: Yes, I’m planning a couple of shoots in Belgium and Germany and I recently modeled at the Fetish Evolution Weekend, a big fetish event in Essen, Germany.

GGotW: Is there much work near you?
FFd: There are always lots of photographers asking for TFCD shoots, but there’s not a lot of paid work. I’ve recently done a shoot for the flyer of the November edition of Dominatrix, a Dutch fetish party, and I’m going to model for Laced-Up, a fetish-wear boutique in Utrecht.

GGotW: What labels have you worked with?
FFd: At Fetish Evolution I’ve walked a catwalk show for Brigitte More, a Dutch fetish designer and I’ve been on the cover of the Elf Fantasy Guide.

GGotW: What Photographers have you worked with?
FFd: I started last year with a shoot with Carlos da Cruz, a friend of mine. Then I did a whole series of shoots with Burt Lloyd and more recently I worked with Lexie Molotoff, a famous Dutch fetish photographer and with Onderkrocht Fotografie, Lifeware, Wim Verrijp and Duko Stolwijk.

GGotW: Do you always do your own make-up?
FFd: Yes, until now I’ve always done my own make-up. I started with almost no experience, but piece by piece I discovered a lot of interesting things I could do, like using fun lenses and fake lashes. I’m even thinking of taking make-up lessons to become a professional make-up artist. But first I’m going to finish my literature studies and my yoga teachers course.

GGotW: What has been your funnest experience?
FFd: I don’t remember one special occasion, but creating my different characters and settings is a lot of fun. I usually do a lot of shoots at home and during the photo shoot we often think of new things and we expand the settings with al kinds of crazy stuff. I often try to look like a doll and I like to put that doll in very strange, surreal and playful situations. In any case I hope my future shoots will bring me as much fun as the previous ones did.

GGotW: What started you off as a model?
FFd: Well.. In February 2008 I started going to fetish parties and I noticed that I could never be overdressed there. I got lot of enthusiastic comments on my outfits, which stimulated me to dress up even more detailed each time. Little by little I added more accessories to my outfits and I ended up with a set formula, on which I vary all the time. I got to know lots of people in a very short time and many wanted to take my picture. I found out that I liked being photographed and in September I subscribed to several modeling sites. I happened to quickly bump into a very good photographer and in no time I had put together an extensive portfolio. I was also asked by two party organizers to pose for their party flyers. The flyer for Dominatrix is being spread right now.

GGotW: What styles do you work in?
FFd: Actually I mix a lot of different styles and I combine them into my own style. My outfits are based on fetish and Gothic, but each time they tend to a different style. Like for example cybergothic, manga, lolita, Victorian, burlesque, pin-up etcetera. A great source of inspiration for me is the Japanese Gothic-style “harajuku”. Harajuku is a Japanese quarter in Tokyo, where each Sunday all sorts of different goths flock together, one even more outrageous than the other. Usually my goal is to look like a doll, hence my name ‘Felina Fetishdoll’.

GGotW: Is there a style you would like to do but haven't?
FFd: I like the old-fashioned pin-up style a lot and I would definitely love to explore it, but until now I’ve done only one shoot (at Christmas) that was a little bit in that direction. In any case, first I have to find the right clothes and, as I am a perfectionist, that will take a while. I'd also like to try a more burlesque, Dita-like style too.

GGotW: Who would you like to work with?
FFd: I'm a huge fan of Jeffrey Scott, whose work could be admired on several Dutch fetish flyers. I really love his highly imaginative, surrealistic settings and a brilliant exposure. And one day I would love to shoot with Erwin Olaf, who created some of the Wasteland flyers. I adore his colourful, extremely detailed and to surrealism tending settings.

GGotW: You do Yoga, does it help you with your poses?
FFd: Yes, yoga helps me for sure! To start with it helps me breathing in my very tight-laced corsets. I always wear them as tight as possible. Furthermore it makes me more flexible, even when wearing a corset. Sometimes I even do a yoga-pose in a picture, like the ‘dancer’ - a balancing pose - or a leg split pose. And last but not least it also helps me staying calm in case of a stressful shoot or when I have to do a runway show.

GGotW: What suggestions could you give to new models?
FFd: I’d suggest them to subscribe to a couple of modeling sites and to be very picky about whom they work with. High quality portfolio pictures attract better photographers and increase the chance that you’ll be asked for paid shoots. At most modeling sites you can also see who a photographer worked with and you can even ask other models what it was like working with someone. If you doubt about his or her trustability, then don’t shoot or take someone with you to the appointment.

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