Jun 21, 2009

Feature: Lady Nex


Metric81cm61cm 48cm89cm163cm50kg

GGotW: What made you want to start modeling?
LNx: I was asked by an alternative shop to do a catwalk show for them and i got spotted and it went from there i guess. Its a great way to meet people and dress up!

GGotW: You have your own clothing line?
LNx: Yes. I find making my own clothing makes my shoots more unique and i love the Victorian era so decided to make my own!

GGotW: What does Victorian Muse make?
LNx: Mostly Victorian influenced clothing. I also dabble with the 18th century gowns and sometimes add more of a up to date fashion mixed with the Victorian era.

GGotW: Were is your store?
LNx: I currently don't have a store as i have only recently started making clothing for photographers and theatre companies. I plan on opening a website store in the future once i have expanded my current collection

GGotW: So are you still modeling?
LNx: On and off at the moment. i am looking more in to doing my clothing company at the moment though i do still come out to play.

GGotW: What is your connection to Performing Arts?
LNx: I have a degree in performing arts and i am a qualified University Lecture in performing arts. I did acting for a bit but decided teaching was more my forte. I love it as its creative and you also look into the other areas of the acting industry such as costume and make up and lighting and sound so you get to see all aspects of theatre and film. Its very interesting!

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