Jul 8, 2010

Feature: Drusilla Killswitch



GGotW: What draws you to the Goth scene?
DKs: I just LOVE the lifestyle itself. The music, style, the people are all just amazing!! Goth comes in many differ styles and I am drawn into each one, especially the Cyber Goth scene. I love all the colors and wardrobe that goes along with it. The music is what really drew me in!! I love music in general and the differ styles and type of music within the scene is just awesome!

GGotW: When did you start Modeling?
DKs: I was 17 when I first started to model. A friend in my senior class photography class had me pose and such for her and she got me interested in the idea. I did small runways shows here and there before doing anything photo wise.

GGotW: Why did you want to start modeling?
DKs: All through growing up I loved that I was so different, and because I was always very tall and lean, they told me I should get into modeling. I just love putting art into a photograph. Playing with different wardrobe, makeup, hair styles, and just being able to be myself as well as being able to dress up for no reason, as well as having fun with it!

GGotW: Who have you worked with?
DKs: I have worked with many photographers, models, photoshop wizards, etc. People who have each helped in my modeling and helped make beautiful creations with each image! I am looking to work with more Wardrobe and clothing designers!!! I have yet to have had the chance to work with amazing wardrobe and hope to meet some designer's who like my style to collaborate with.

GGotW: I understand that you boyfriend models too, do you work together?
DKs: Yes, we do work together a lot!! We both have our own personality and style. Photogs love how great we mesh together. We have been told numerous times how well we work together and how great we make an image appear.

GGotW: You've done some Dance, has it been useful in modeling?
DKs: I started dance at the age of 4 with Competition Baton twirling, Ballet, Jazz and Gymnastics. I also Go-Go for alternative night club events. I LOVE to dance, if there is great music playin' you will always find me on the dance floor! It has been useful with my modeling. I have had to do ballet style poses and it has helped me learn how to pose my body and what angles look better, etc. Dance has helped me with so much.

GGotW: Have your pictures been published?
DKs: I have had some images on websites, one in particular is Fixemagazine. I have appeared on the site twice. Some of my images will be published in a book within a few months. Some of my work has been sold as prints from the photographers. I am trying to get some published work out there and get my name out within the modeling community!

GGotW: Where do you hope all of this takes you?
DKs: I hope that I could possibly get more work as well as some paid work in my future. I am looking to get into runway and work on some shows. I would love to get some work published and just my name out there. I hope that people enjoy what I do and know all the hard work and time that was put into every image I have done.

A few new images from Drusilla for the X-Mas Season 2010.
Goth unwraping
Gothic Santas elfGoth candy cane

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