Sep 30, 2010

Feature: Sara Scarlet



GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
SS: From summer 2007, so 3 years now.

GGotW: What do you like about goth fashion?
SS: I love designers like Bibian Blue, Steampunk Couture, Louise Black and Vecona, but their work is very expensive of course. But compared to 'normal' fashion designers it is affordable. The goth street fashion could be better, what I see at parties sometimes is just horrible.

GGotW: Who have you worked with?
SS: The biggest names are: Vecona, Viona, Awik Balaian, Sylvie Huybrecht, Koziel (furniture and wallpaper designer).

GGotW: Have you been published?
SS: I'm going to be in September's Elle Déco in France and in September's WAD Magazine with the Koziel picts. Can't wait!

GGotW: What has modeling done for you?
SS: Modeling has made me so much more confident, has made me accept my body and learned how to use my features. I got more interested in fashion and styling, little make-up experiments and I even made lots of friends (photographers, other models, stylists,...). It opened a whole new world for me and I'm enjoying it so much. I can express myself fully and artistically by developing ideas and then find the right people and create art, because I see modeling and photography both as arts. I'm also planning to travel for new projects. Or when I go on holiday I always check if there are interesting photographers in the area to do a shoot with.

GGotW: Where do you want to see your modeling go?
SS: I would love to work with better photographers and designers, modeling is and will stay a hobby for me, because I still think that studying and finding a good job is the most important thing to do now. Modeling for a living is a dream, but of course that will never happen. I would also love to do more fashion shows for alternative designers, because that's also something that I enjoy very much. I would also love to start doing burlesque. I am working on a group shoot project with some friend and if this works out well, I'd love to organize more of these.

GGotW: When your not part of a shoot, what do you do?
SS: Studying and going to school, working for school ( I am a Bachelor of Journalism student) , writing, blogging, surfing the internet for ideas, watching movies, reading, watch theatre and opera, travel, go to parties, festivals, concerts, some DIY but I don't find myself good at it, ..

GGotW: Is there much of a goth scene in Belgium?
SS: I should be careful of what I say now :D There is a scene in Belgium, but it's divided. There are cyber parties and electrogoth/industrial parties that attract lots of people, young people too. Then you have mixed parties, but they're getting rare and attract an older audience (30-40 years old). And then there are deathrock/batcave parties which attract older and young people too, but less than cyber and electrogoth/industrial. And then of course you have commercial new wave parties, organised by people that are not in the scene at all, but they do attract a scene audience too besides people that just want to relive their youth.October 2010 Elle France Magazine
I myself prefer mixed parties, where they play a bit of everything, but they are dying and I'm really sad about that. I don't like that the scene is so divided, people should be more tolerant and not hate each other because they are a little different but all have the same Gothic roots. I personally think that cyber is getting too cyber and even too mainstream, I sometimes can't tell the difference with hardcore, jumpstyle and techno anymore, same for their style of dressing, it looks all rave to me. On the other hand deathrock is getting boring. The same old hits are played over and over again and the new music is all the same. Don't get me wrong, I like deathrock music very much. And darkwave and coldwave is never played. I never hear bands like Goethes Erben at parties And I love that music even more than deathrock.
Also, the Belgian scene is nothing compared to Germany or France where they have huge parties even with several rooms or several floors.
October 2010 Elle France Magazine
GGotW: If I was coming to Gent and want to see the local goth crowd, where would you send me?
SS: In Gent we don't really have a goth pub, there's a metal pub called "Den Drummer" and some Irish pubs where I like to go. For parties there's the monthly deathrock night Fresh From The Grave, then there's Nocturna every month and they're organizing a big event called Nocturna XXL in September, then there's Beatnation (electro, ebm, industrial, future pop) every month and also Dead by Dawn organizes occasional parties. New Wave Classix organizes monthly parties and concerts every now and then. You could also go to goth stores, you'll find goths there I guess.

More images from the October 2010 Elle Déco France

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