Sep 2, 2010

Feature: Zenith de Sade

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GGotW: Where did you hear about GGotW?
ZdeS: I was introduced to GGotW by a friend who knew of my passion for alternative modeling. Since I first visited the site, I was hooked! I always tune in to check on the gorgeous models featured, and since I am an aspiring model myself, I thought I'd send in a submission.

GGotW: Who has been you favorite feature on GGotW so far?
ZdeS: It's really hard to choose as all of the models so far are absolutely gorgeous and they have some amazing pics but I have to say that I loved Katayna's photos, they're awesome and she's quite versatile

GGotW: Who have you worked with for your modeling?
ZdeS: So far I haven't worked with a wide range of photographers and I hope this will change. I have discovered I do enjoy being in front of the camera quite recently. I have worked with a handful of amateur photographers in my hometown and when I moved to Bucharest to attend college, I met a very skilled photograph and we got along like a house on fire from an artistic point of view and I hope to expand my portfolio. Also, I have shoots booked in the future with other professionals here and I'm quite optimistic on how things will turn out.

GGotW: What do you do when your not being a model?
ZdeS: When I'm not a model I also work on shoots as a make-up artist. I'm a beginner in the field, but the fact that I've been painting for years really helps. I like to make stuff, paint scenery and draw portraits, and I love to get involved in anything that takes creativity.
Another of my projects involves the theatre, since I have a great admiration for Edgar Allan Poe, I intend to take his unpublished drama "Politian" to stage, but this will take a while.
goth girl winter model
GGotW: What kinds of stuff do you make?
ZdeS: I make accessories that can be worn for gothic, medieval or fantasy outfits. I also modify clothes that appear to be dull and give them a more dark and tantalizing twist.

GGotW: Where do you sell your accessories?
ZdeS: I sell them exclusively on the internet and I make many of my thing to order, but I usually make unique stuff as I think they would have no more art in them if I made them by the dozen.

GGotW: Where do you hope to get with your modeling?
ZdeS: I sincerely hope I will add more work to my portfolio and that I can contribute to the creation of visual art through modeling, to the creation of stills taken from a world of dark fantasy, that may inspire myself and hopefully others.

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Zenith de SadeRomanian Goth Girl

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Zenith De Sade said...

thank you very much for the feature!

Zenith De Sade said...

Thank you very much for the feature!