Jan 16, 2011

Feature: Manchester

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GGotW: What is the story behind your name, Manchester?
Manchester: Manchester is from a song in the movie "Hair", it's a musical and the song is called "Manchester, England". That song in particular is reprised at another major point in the movie.

GGotW: What came first Make-up or modeling?

Manchester: Ever since I was little I was obsessed with the aesthetics of goth, punk, rockstars and other alternative looks. I call it catholic schoolgirl opression, never being able to express any individuality led to lots of (now terribly embarassing) experimentation with different looks and makeup once I started public high school.

GGotW: When you got out of Catholic School, what style took you first?
Manchester: Towards the end of my Catholic grade-school experience I got really into wearing excessive amounts of bracelets, black eyeliner and big 69 pants and kikwear with little sparkly cat collars. I was pretty much your typical Hot Topic mall goth.

GGotW: Who got you to model first?
Manchester: Triplesix and I had a mutual friend named Jason who'd shot photos of her. He was a medical student but also an artist, he took photos and manipulated them extensively in photoshop to create interesting looking scenes. I'm sure some embarrassingly outdated and awkward shots of me that he took still exist somewhere on the internet. He went under "Misery Loves" photography. I don't think he's done any shooting in recent years, but although our experiences together are always brief and sparratic, he was also the first person who told me about Burning Man and encouraged me to go the first time, great guy!

GGotW: How many times have you been to Burning Man?
Manchester: I've been to Burning Man twice now, in 09 and 2010.

GGotW: Can you describe Burning Man to those that have never experienced it or heard of it?
Manchester: Burning Man is like walking inside a giant Salvador Dali painting for a week. There's something for everyone, you truly can't describe it and have to experience it yourself, it's a total stimulus overload.

GGotW: You've had a few magazine appearances, what has that been like?
Manchester: The bulk of my magazine appearances so far have been smut-related, because Hustler's Taboo is smut. Lots of toys and dildos lol. As much as I love erotic my print work is slowly getting a bit more "reputable", I had the Halloween cover of Giuseppina and the launch cover of Dstripped, and a feature in an upcoming Imposter Magazine, which are online publications. As far as actual prints go, I recently had some shots in Retro Lovely, and will be in an upcoming Gothic Beauty, and an upcoming Bambi Magazine (an online fashion magazine who's first print publication will feature a photoset of mine)

GGotW: What has been you favorite magazine shoot to-date?
Manchester: The Giuseppina cover was pretty cool because I got to wear wardrobe from Eirick Asawang, an amazing designer, and my boyfriend came along to because he's an FX artist - I was a bride of frankenstein, and he had sculpted and molded the stitch appliances to make the wounds as authentic looking as possible, even sticking real stitches out of the appliance. It was his first print credit so it was more personal to me to give him that opportunity, and it was generally a fun day.

GGotW: When you've done magazine work, who hires you?
Manchester: Every magazine is different. Sometimes you shoot trade for submission, other times the magazine pays you and the photographer both for submitting. Other times photos you shoot with a photographer wind up in submission, even if that was not the original intention. I was recently in Retro Lovely's Taboo edition - the magazine had contacted Chas Ray Krider for an 8 page spread, and he just sent them some of his favorite recent work he had "laying around", which happened to include one of my shots from a trade shoot we did several months before.

GGotW: Is there a magazine out there that you'd like to appear in that you haven't?
Manchester: Harlow and Alt would be great :) If I made it into those I could die happy ;)

GGotW: You have a long list of photographers that you've worked with, is there one or two you keep going back to?
Manchester: Overall I shoot the most often with Marcie Coabbert in St.Louis, my hometown, and Chris Gooden in Pittsburgh where I currently live. There's a few I've shot with only briefly that I'm dying to make it back to, Dastardly Dave in New Hampshire and Chip Willis in Columbus to name a few.

GGotW: What occupies you when your not shooting images?
Manchester: Modeling and Make-up are my full time jobs. Although I enjoy time with my doggy and time with my boyfriend. I'm working on a vintage resale etsy store, and of course starting to build my own websites both for modeling, and for my makeup art. I've been shooting a lot of photography myself lately and I'm starting to submit to art galleries. I always have something up my sleeve.

GGotW: How do you describe your personal style?
Manchester: Admittedly I've been rocking the sweatpants and hoodie look when I'm at home because I'm usually just lazing around the house and catching up on work when I'm not out modeling or doing Make-up :) Generally though I don't think I have style, I'm definitely not anywhere near "gothic" although much of my modeling appeals to that genre. I guess most of what I wear when I dress myself is inspired by travelers, bohemians, hippies, hipsters, lingerie and fetish wear, vintage clothing and DIY. I'm nothing in particular.

** December 2011 Update

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Rifká said...

I really love some of your pics girl ^^ and I like the way the white hair looks on you.

Demon said...

She has very well-placed tattoos. I love the way the black and white photographs accent them. Though I would like to see her in more contrasting black and whites at the same time. White hair with a black coat over a white corset possibly.

Virgil Allen Moore

Gothic Jewellery said...

I'm in love :-D