Jun 28, 2011

Feature: Alecto Mania



GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
AM: Well I have been modeling now for three years and still going strong.

GGotW: What got you started as a model?
AM: I used to express myself in the form of words, one day I came to a conclusion of how wonderful it would be to express myself through visualization.

GGotW: You listed singing and playing instruments. Are you in a band?
AM: No I am not currently in a band, but do plan on doing a solo project in the near future.

GGotW: Your profile also said you dance, what kind of dancing do you do?
AM: I do freestyle dancing as well as the usual EBM and burlesque dancing :)

GGotW: Why did you want to be a model?
AM: I decided to become a model to express myself visually.

GGotW: How do you manage to be Goth in Africa?
AM: Pretty easy actually, there are many goth and like minded people in Africa, we are just not as exposed as the rest of the world just yet :)

GGotW: Is there much of a goth scene in South Africa?
AM: Quite a large goth scene in South Africa, but as I mentioned we are still not as exposed yet.

GGotW: As a goth, if I was to visit your part of South Africa, where would you
suggest I go to shop, party, chill?
AM: Well we have Iron Fist shops, tattoo parlours, the works actually. The bigger goth scene and shops ect can be found in Pretoria or Johannesburg. This is where you would find anything from corsets to Demonia boots. There are regular Metal events as well as EBM events in those areas so for a small town girl like me if you wanna party and hang out, you gotta travel! Haha

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Jess said...

Being a new goth and wanting to meet other goths in South Africa, where would be a good place to start?
In Cape Town, where I live, there's a gothic club but I'm not old enough to get in, so that's not an option. Two of my other friends also are new goths like me, but we're wanting to meet others and form relations with other goths.
Also, I'm wondering about being a gothic model. Is there a good future in it?

Jess xxxx

Davidsmith86 said...

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Being a replacement goth and desperate to meet alternative goths in South Africa,where would be a decent place to start?
In Cape city, where I live, there is a Gothic club however i am not sufficiently old to urge in, therefore that is not an possibility.2 of my alternative friends are new goths like me, however we're desperate to meet alternatives and type relations with other goths.
Also, i am wondering concerning being a Gothic model. Is there a decent future in it?

David Cris said...

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