Nov 24, 2019

Feature: Kuro Hana

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GGotW: Is there a meaning behind the name Kuro Hana?
KH: Kuro Hana translates to Black Flower in Japanese. I think this pseudonym fits me well because I like Japanese culture and things that are dark.

GGotW: Do you ever incorporate your love of Japan in your modeling?
KH: Yes through some shoots and cosplays. that's one of the things that inspires me.

GGotW: Does your cosplay inspire your modeling or does your modeling inspire you cosplay?
KH: I do not like the term "cosplay" because my look is not cosplay, it's just my personality, my creativity and a mix of lots of things I like. Cosplay for me is to embody one of our favorite manga characters.

GGotW: What got you started with Alternative Modeling?
KH: I started a little by chance, I needed to affirm myself more, I wanted to show my style and my universe. I started as a model because I wanted to regain my self-confidence after having a difficult adolescence. I wanted to turn the page.

GGotW: Did you find modeling a good way to turn the page from adolescence?
KH: Yes, it helped me and allowed me to move forward

GGotW: Is there anyone that you work with on a regular basis?
KH: I work regularly with my boyfriend who is an amateur photographer to carry out most of my projects.

GGotW: How would you say you've changed since you started in 2012?
KH: I would say that I have evolved at my own pace. Thanks to photography, I was able to meet a lot of people. I have had both good and bad experiences. I had disappointments but I never gave up, I always persevered despite the difficulties. I learned not to fear the eyes of others. I took more insurance.

GGotW: What brands are you currently working with?
KH: I have worked with a few brands. Recently, I collaborated for Crazyinlove

GGotW: What other things do you enjoy?
KH: I like animals especially cats for whom I have a lot of affection. I am a music addict, I love goth music and metal. I like everything about art like drawing, photography, writing ... I like fashion and makeup. I like nature and archeology. Manga and Japanese culture. Science fiction and fantasy ...

GGotW: Looking through your images you seem to have a lot of different hair styles and colours, do you have a favorite or is it dependant on the outfit?
KH: It's true that it depends on the outfit, so that everything is harmonious. Otherwise, I like to mix styles and stand out. I always like wearing dresses and skirts and having a very feminine look. I'm also a fan of lace, I appreciate dark hues. For hair, I like to change color, I have a slight preference for red hair, purple and blue.

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