Jul 31, 2011

Feature: Svea-Jill Czech



GGotW: Why did you start modeling?
SjC: I started modeling because a photographer at the festival M'era Luna asked me to take some shots with her and I had nothing else to do I had a shooting with her. It was so much fun, I hadn't thought about posing could be that interesting and funny! So after that I created my own sedcard on a website with some quite bad photos, but I did more shootings and time after time I really got great pictures of myself! I love that feeling when you hold the photos in your hand and you see that your hard work has paid off!

GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
SjC: I've been modeling for about two years now.

GGotW: Who have you shot with?
SjC: I had shootings with many different photographers like Katarina Hildebrandt, Tom Ahrens, Ingo Steinert but also with some more popular ones like Jens Burger and Michael Wittig!

GGotW: Do you prefer the gothic shoots or the high fashion?
SjC: I actually prefer the gothic shoots because they're more creative and more individual and you can also realize your own ideas. Most fashion shoots are strictly defined: You have to look this way, wear that outfit and pose like this. I think that's kind of boring after some time! Though, I sometimes have really interesting outfits during those shoots and I love them!

GGotW: What kind of hobbies do you have?
SjC: In my free time I love doing lots of creative things like writing short-stories or adding small self made details to my clothes. Right now I'm also traveling through Germany!

GGotW: As a writer, have you had much stuff published?
SjC: I've only had published a lot of stuff in our pupils' magazine Der Spargel (which nearly always wins the prize as Germany's best one) and in Gothic - Magazine for underground culture. I'm looking forward to finishing the work on my first book, but I think it'll take some more time...

GGotW: What are your plans, now that you are out of school?
SjC: My plans are to go on an acting show maybe in Cologne or Bochum. But before I'll travel for one year through Germany.

GGotW: In your acting, what kind of stuff have you done?
SjC: I have acted in small theater productions or as an extra in some series that are common in Germany like Die Schulermittler or Richter Alexander Hold, but unfortunately with no one famous yet.

GGotW: You're Traveling Germany now that you're out of school. Have you had any interesting adventures?
SjC: Nearly every journey is an adventure as the trains in Germany are normally not on time and there are always some problems. Too less seats, broken air conditioning / heating... And you always meet lots of interesting people! Last week I sat next to a guy who looked like an Indian just escaped from a picture book - weathered skin, an outfit made from leather and necklaces with teeth on them. I still don't know why he looked that way...

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Ingo Gans said...

weiterhin viel erfolg und tolle fotografen svea :-)

lg, Ingo Gans

Jane said...

The 2nd picture does not open :(
But great interview, love how she talks about the "Deutsche Bahn" haha Beautiful model :)

Admin said...

Thanks for the comment Jane, I have fixed the 2nd image :)

NikyHearts said...

Amazing page :))
Kiss from Italy :)