Aug 24, 2011

Feature: Kae Bambi



GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
KB: I have been modeling since I was 17, doing a few shoots a year casually, but since I've been at university I haven't had much time for it, but I've been getting more involved in it each year that goes by. My holidays are generally very busy, and during the semester my weekends are always filled. I graduate soon though so I'll be able to devote my full attention to modeling and be able to travel around more.

GGotW: What is Neko Nation, and its connection to cats?
KB: Neko Nation is an anime/gaming club event held in Australia (currently we are doing a tour of Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne). The dj's play lots of gaming/anime themes and Japanese pop/rock/dance. The cat part is the best part. The hosts of the evening are sexy catgirls that give out free sushi in pairs and are very dressed up and are the eye-candy of the event. Me and another model (Saccharine Darling) were the first two Catgirls and have been in every Neko Nation since it's beginning.

GGotW: Has you modeling afforded you the luxury of travel?
KB: Yes I have been able to travel to Melbourne to work with a lot of amazing photographers who were just great to work with and I have a lot of work set up for me when I go back there, whilst I am on tour with Neko Nation of course. I plan to travel to Brisbane and Sydney as well for modeling and then internationally.

GGotW: Do you get to shoot with a lot of different photographers?
KB: I have shot with many different photographers but I always love to meet creative minds that can just make spectacular art. My most favourite photographers to have worked with would be Kimothy, David Woolley and Ojo Magico. Every photographer that I work with has their own particular style and I tend to adapt pretty well to their demands (or lack their of!) I feel very privileged to be able to collaborate with such amazing minds, and I cannot wait to work with more photographers that will stimulate my creativity.

GGotW: What are your hobbies?
KB: Besides modeling, I spend a lot of my time studying, watching anime, or gaming. I also really like to read, at the moment I'm re-reading all the Harry Potter books. My favourite anime of all time would be Sailor Moon. I plan to get a big tattoo of Usagi and Tuxedo Mask dancing in their royal outfits. I also love Azumanga Daioh and have started a new obsession with Nichijou, which are both comedy girl animes. The last game that I finished was final fantasy thirteen, but the last one I played would be call of duty: black ops. My boyfriend, housemate, and siblings are all gamers and anime freaks like me.

GGotW: Do you work or go to school?
KB: I study :) I am completing a double major in psychology and counselling. Right now I am in my third and last year of my undergraduate degree. I am planning on having a gap year between when I finish and when I start my honours degree. Then I will probably end up doing my masters in either clinical neuropsychology or school psychology. I haven't quite figured out which one I want to do yet. Honours will take me a year full time, and then masters would be two years full time probably. So I have a lot of more studying ahead of me! But I will do those when I decide to settle down in my career as a psychologist. I still have a lot of traveling, moving, and modeling ahead of me.

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indometal goth said...

awesome.. greeting from indonesian....

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You look stunningly alike my beautiful fallen Angelica. I miss you, i wish you could come back to me love. Thank you for the painful reminder keep it up. Your wonderful. Kisses.