Mar 6, 2012

Feature: Artemis


GGotW: What got you started as a model?
Artemis: The ever present passion to re-create and create what I see, feel, hear and read! I've always been largely impacted and influenced by various films, such as Underworld, SuckerPunch, Nightmare Before Christmas, Titanic, and more! Each of my inspirations,whether it be a film that moved me or an inspiring read, causes my imagination to run wild and in turn caused myself to find the perfect outlet for expression. The actual event that began my modeling career was 4 years ago, at a quaint cafe near Sacramento. I was approached by an Asian hair stylist (who is amazing at what she does) that owned her own salon: Rowena and Takashi. She asked me if I'd ever modeled before, and I said with a curious tone, "No I have not, but always wanted to!" After that I was runway walking for her, having my hair and make up done, modeling for her salon essentially.
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I still to this day give her my gratitude for catapulting my career! Without her, perhaps I would not be as well off in modeling as I am today! After all those years, there's bigger and better art to come!

GGotW: What are your favorite styles to model?
Artemis: The styles that I love to see on others, in art, on runway, in films, and what I create to model is constantly evolving and changing. There are exciting designs in the works, only in the beginning stages, but look out for my designs! As of now, Steampunk couture, Gothic, haute couture, cyber, Victorian, and the dark vivid elegant styles are what catches my attention in art. Lady Gaga and her outrageous styles, Erik Aswang's fashion and art, The Art of Master Nick, Miss Overdose's designs, and more are among my ever-growing list of inspirations for the styles I love modeling.

GGotW: Who are your top photographers to work with?
Artemis: There are iconic photographers that I have yet to work with! I am dying to work with and for Sito Alivina, Mortiz Maibaum, Chad Michael Ward, Mary Taylor, Serena Star, and many more! I am soon to create dark art with Purebred Productions which is thrilling! The photographer, Master Nick is the one that is consuming all my artistic focus, he is also my dearly beloved. I love the art we create with all my heart. Past photographers that I have worked with which I'd consider TOP are, Paindancer Productions, Pixel Elegance, Marc Goldstein for The Red Chair, Michael Helms, and Perry.

GGotW: What do you do when not modeling?
Artemis: I am always modeling! haha, that is what it feels like anyways. The next project for modeling and/or acting is usually on my mind. I've been a writer of fiction, poetry, and stream of consciousness for nearly 8 years now, there is an erotica novel in the works, set in Victorian times. Drawing anime is one of my deep passions also, honing my skills on that as much as I can. Designing is a new passion of mine, to incorporate into modeling, have a few sketches and soon to work on those! Doing yoga, walking, and sex are also a BIG part of my life. Other than that I am a deep film and video game geek, and a knowledge geek! I have to read otherwise I become depressed. ;) I think that is it! Oh...I love to cook too! I just love life, my advice is that of Fight Club's advice- let go, let the chips fall where they may.

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