Oct 13, 2008

Feature: Ophelia's Overdose



GGotW: Where are you from!
OO: I was born in the western part of Germany and up to now it's the place where I am living.

GGotW: What got you into modelling?
Ophelia's Overdose climbing building in Cybergoth wearOO: I was always pretty interested in extraordinary gothic and fetish photography. There were quiet a lot artists, who kept on impressing me with their work. But, I do not think about being a model until 2007. In a half year's time, four photographers ask me on the street if I want to be part of their projects. Those shoots were a kind of experiment for myself, because now I know my preferences very well.

It would be correct to say that I start modeling in April 2007, since that time I have worked with a lot of photographers, who are interested in realizing my current shooting concepts!

GGotW: What styles do you like?
OO: I prefer Gothic, Cyber and Fetish styles. Many people like to dress in those styles, but I take the view that every detail has to be exciting. You cannot copy styles of others, without loosing yourself. I am mightily impressed with people who express their personality without caring about differing opinions!

GGotW: Is there a Goth Club Scene in your area?
OO: The goth club scene in Germany is pretty widespread. Especially around Cologne and the Ruhr Valley, you cannot overlook the club scene! Furthermore there are lots of well-known festivals in Germany like the WGT in Leipzig, the M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim and the Amphi Festival in Cologne.
Ophelia's Overdose in blue Cyberpunk hairfalls
GGotW: What is the scene like?
OO: It's a scene full of individual stylings, different music preferences and lots of parties :D

GGotW: If someone were to visit your part of Germany and wanted to experience the local scene, where would you send them?
OO: In the daytime I would send them to some pretty nice gothic and fetish stores in Cologne. My personal favorite is Cosmic Ware . Fetish clothing on 500 sqm! In the Evening it is great to drink some cocktails, or go dancing in some pretty great clubs.

Ophelia's Overdoes in asian inspired black latex photographGGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
OO: One of the first photographers I worked with, was Oliver Pietern, it was a great chance for me cause his knowledge about photography, digital art, and paintings are incredible! Our creativity matches together in a perfect way! I am also proud of working with j-maya for a long time now! Our shooting concepts are always well planned and very lavish. I guess we will never get enough of each other :)

Natzo is one of my favourite photographers I have worked with, too. His way of expressing beauty fascinates me increasingly. His conceivabilities of showing my best features in front of his camera are very creative and deliberate. I have to say sorry for all the photographers I didn't mention :)
Ophelia's Overdose
GGotW: Why did you start modeling?
OO: I always had the compulsion to express myself. That's why I dress in that extraordinary cyber style every day. On top of that I was searching for a possibility to stage my different facets and, it's a way to show my self-made hairfalls and clothes to everyone who is interested in seeing something unique. I am addicted to putting my newest hairfall creations in perspective by creating an exceeding setting. There's more to it than that, I am not just a model, who designs her own clothes and hairfalls. It's my passion to complete the whole scene, put on my make-up and I delight in doing the post production in photoshop!

GGotW: What inspired you towards the Cyber side of goth/punk?
OO: I love the surface of materials like latex, plastic and pvc, shining and glittering materials, bold colors in combination with black. Dominance and arrogance in a woman's face,
Breathtaking silhouettes, artfully destroyed clothes. Those aspects (and considerably more) fit together perfectly. They just captivate me!

GGotW: Do you ever feel that you in turn inspire others?
OO: A few years back, when I was fifteen years old, my outward appereance changed.

It was something like a physical and psychical turning point in my life, I felt like having the insatiable desire to find myself. The individual aspects relating to my clothes grewn up very fast, ever since then, I realized that I am more than a source of inspiration for others.

Hardly a day goes by without somebody addressing me with the purpose to tell me that I am a kind of hope for individuality in this lifetime.

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alex@ said...

Awesome Pics!!!
Like them really!!
Greetz Alex

Anonymous said...

i really love your pics! watching you at deviantart ;)

Anonymous said...

i love your pics!!! your my idol. My favorite pic is the cybergoth neonblue one! can you make me those hairfalls and or your a few of your outfits!??! Ive been looking 4 some good cyberloxx but they all fail in comparison to yours. Your beauty is captivating... I wish i could talk to you. Im interested in quite alot of your outfits and if so some tips on make up and hair styles. I love the pics of you with neon blue hair and the way you did your eyes in that picture. i am also looking 4 some good cyber goth clothing online stores. any suggestions??