Jun 19, 2006


What are we looking for?
Images of goth girls, Black and White (B&W) or colour (color, for our American friends), dressed in gothic or fetish outfits / costumes. Clothing makes the girl, a bit anyway.
What qualifies? Up to you. If you think your images makes the grade, is art and worthy of display to the world, send it in. We are here to showcase you and your dark side.

What are we not looking for?
-Males, this is Goth Girl of the Week, but we may Profile a male model, or accept men in images with the featured Goth Girls.
-Art work, there are plenty of but we'd be glad to feature you as an artist, if it includes gothic photos of you.
-Pictures involving sex or porn, see rules below.

  1. No full nudity, it just creates issues across the net and here on blogspot. (tasteful nude work may be considered, and linking to sites that contain nudes is ok.)
  2. A picture must be submitted or a link to a selection of images that can be chosen from. In a perfect world we'd like 5 - 15 images to chose from, we do understand that not everyone has that many, so at least 1.
  3. Please headline your submission with, a name, real or character(If you use multiple aliases let us know which we are featuring). An area or major metropolis of residence. Age.
  4. Submit a bio (include your measurements) and be prepared to answer questions for an interview, to be posted. Please note that the interview may be altered for editorial purposes, but not to change the meaning of what has been said. We understand English is not everyone's first language, and are used to fixing grammar and some spelling.
  5. Submissions must be by you and of you. You may have the best of intentions in sending a friends image, but we are not about to sit in the middle of a fight or legal battle between you and them.
  6. finally you must submit to Goth Girl your information here.
- With your submission please include the name we are going to Feature, in the subject line. (Subject: Submission--Ms. Goth)
- Include your stats, you see them used in every Feature; Chest, Waist, Hips, Height, Weight and Corset measurements. We can work in cm or inches, but not in stone or other exotic measures please.
- Give us a brief bio of yourself. This is what we base interview questions on.
- If you have things that you want us to cover in the interview, let us know.
- Provide links to yourself on the net: MySpace, Deviantart, Personal Site, ModelMayhem, OneModel, ect.
- Don't forget to send pictures, we need those, or links to them.
- Tell your friends to submit and watch for you.
- Encourage your friends and fans to comment on your Feature once its up.

To make it easier for those submitting copy the template below and past it into your email:

Feature Name:

Things to know about me:


Artistic talents:

Links to me-
Personal Site:


Attached [ ]
Links provide [ ]
GGotW may use any on My pages [ ]

We would also like to see a link button (468*60) back to your; site, blog, space, online portfolio, account, ect. If you don't have one let us know if you want us to create one using your images.

Goth Girl of the Week - Members:
Image editor: NightShadows
Interview Writer: Don McCaskill
Feature Editor: Ariel Vista McLeod
Profile Editor: Tom Neilson
Editor-in-Chief: Falcon

*Rules subject to change as we continue to tweak the site. Last update January 11/10
Goth Girl, gothic
Our hats are off to the old Goth Babe of the Week site and Cossack, the originators.



Lorelei_Dark said...

Is a interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm going to have to mission up to Vic to have pix taken for this... unless you like the ones I had done at APHID ;)

Falcona said...

Who are you and what is APHID? Mail us at
victoria dot photography at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I think there should be more beautiful plus size goth girls ;) shy or something?

Anonymous said...

What does

GGotW may use any on My pages [ ]

cause i think i want to submit some photos
and im stupid so i have really no idea what im doing

Admin said...

I don't know who this came from, but
GGotW may use any on My pages [ ] is meant as a check box. If you put a mark between the [ and ] then we are given permission to use any of the pictures of you on your sites, like ModelMayhem.

In the future if you have questions e-mail us