Mar 11, 2005

GGotY: Voting Rules

Just to explain to everyone how Voting will work for Goth Girl of the Year 2010. There has been confusion in past years and I want to make the process as clear to everyone as possible.

Each voter gets to pick a first, second and third place vote. Each of the 24 girls that were Goth Girl of the Week through 2010 will email me, the organizer of GGotW, their Votes for GGotY2010. As will last year's winner Marlo Marquise. The Four people that help me behind the scenes here at GGotW will get a vote, as will I. Any GGotW model that does not place a vote, will not receive points from other models.

All first place votes will get 3 points, second Place 2 points and third place 1 point. The public vote will end on or near January 15th and who-ever gets the most votes will get 3 points, the second highest will get 2 points and the next will receive 1 point.

The girl with the most points will be declared Goth Girl of the Year 2010!

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