Oct 8, 2006

Feature: Maitri

Maitri Goth Model

Imperial36"30"38"5"8'145 lbs
Metric91cm76cm97cm173cm66 Kg

Model Mayhem

Is Maitri your real name or a stage name?
Maitri: Maitri is a nickname I've had. It is a Gypsy name meaning everlasting friendship or everlasting love.

GGotW: What part of the country do you live in?
Maitri: I presently live in Ohio.

Maitri goth ModelGGotW: Has modeling been easy in Ohio or do you find you need to travel for gigs?
Maitri: I find it fairly easy in my area to find gigs, but I still do alot of traveling, mostly all over the state of Ohio and NorthEastern United States.

GGotW: Was gothic modeling your first genre, or did you start in another field?
Maitri: You can say I started in Goth, but I model whatever I want reguardless.

GGotW: Why are you now doing gothic modeling?
Maitri: Its just who I am and what I'm into.

GGotW: How often do you find yourself doing a shoot?
Maitri: Depends really, usually I do them Bi-weekly to monthly.

GGotW: Do you shoot in your own clothes?
Maitri: Alot of the clothes I already own, some clothes are given to me after a shoot.

GGotW: What's your favourite outfit to date?
Maitri: Were I am tied to a bench in a graveyard.

GGotW: What is the coolest thing you've ever shoot?
Maitri: The demon eyes pictures the contacts are a pain to put in but always get great pictures!

GGotW: What is the weirdest thing you've ever shoot?
Maitri:I shoot a variety of things and its hard for me to consider something wierd.

GGotW: What will you not shoot, or are you limitless?
Maitri: Porn...anything but porn.

GGotW: who keeps you busy when you're not modeling?
Maitri:My dogs! (Cane Corso) I'm always woking (training) and spending time with them!

GGotW: What's up next for you? More shoots, shows, or some other project that you're working on in another field.
Maitri: I'm returning to College! I love modeling but it doesn not pay all the bills. Plus, a good education is always a plus!

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