Oct 26, 2009

Feature: Darth Spanky

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GGothW: What is the origin of the name Darth Spanky?
DS: Darth Spanky was a given name from a long time ago.
Spanky came from Games Club (D&D group) my freshman year of highschool. Everyone gets assigned a name and for some reason they were thinking of The Little Rascals. My sister's husband shouted "SPANKY" and I havent been able to escape it. It got to the point of strangers calling me that.
Darth was added on later that school year when the third Star Wars movie came out. I spent the entire week dressed up as a sith, beating people with a lightsaber. Thus, it became Darth Spanky.

GGothW: What started you modeling?
DS: One day I just picked up a camera and started playing around and really enjoyed it, so I continued working with other people and doing solo sets.

GGothW: What was the theme of your first shoot?
DS: My first shoot had a fantasy/vampire theme, as do most of them.

GGothW: What has kept you modeling?
DS: The creative energy I get from it keeps me going and really helps with me to express myself. Even the energy from others helps. It makes it all worth while to see other artists become inspired.

GGothW: We understand you are more involved with your images beyond modeling, what else do you do on set?
DS: I actually do all of the make up on set. Sometimes I will just be hired for the make up art, or even editing the photos, adding effects that couldn't be done with make up.

GGothW: Have you worked with any professional photographers since picking up the camera yourself?
DS: I have worked with a few others. One of my favorites so far is Scott Davis. He gives me a lot of freedom and always calls me up when he needs a make up artist. I'm hoping to work with a lot more people and see what we can come up with.

GGothW: What is your favorite theme to shoot.
DS: I love horror and fantasy shoots...any shoot that involves dressing up is always fun.

GGothW: What do you do when your not on set?
DS: While not on set, I'm usually editing photos, doing someone else's make up, drawing, or planning for the next set.

GGothW: What kind of drawing do you do?
DS: Many kinds. Sometimes I mix styles. A lot of it is different cartoon styles, but I'm always testing something new.
I plan to start a comic book soon and have been going to school for animation.

GGothW: What kind of comic are you looking at doing?
DS: The comic I'm working on is one with two completely different drawing styles. Parts of the books will be in a simple, innocent, cartoon style then morph into a hellish nightmare. Basically, it's about a girl who is going insane and also isn't. Her nightmares start affecting the real world (which seems to never notice her) and is constantly being followed by her imaginary animal friends (who also turn into monsters). I have yet to fully design the nightmare versions of the characters, but am working on a few of the monsters that attack the girl and people around her.

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Morgana said...

I like how the first picture looks like shes wearing barely any make up. :) I like it when girls are shit hot after they take all that shit of their face.

Nuno said...

Beautiful pictures , Darth !