Nov 20, 2006

Feature: Brandyy Skye


Is your real name or a stage name?
BS: Yes! Brandyy Skye is my first and middle name ;) I figured I would keep it simple and be myself.

GGotW: What part of the country do you live in?
BS: I reside in Raleigh, North Carolina.

GGotW: Has modeling been easy where you live or do you find you need to travel for gigs?
BS: Its been pretty easy so far. Not as easy as it would be if i were located in New York, Cali., Florida, etc. I've traveled to those states as well as DC, but not really because I needed to. It was more because I was offered the opportunity and wanted to go! BUT I'd like to think I have done well for a remote model also. I Model for many companies which include some latex designers-
The California based and the UK based .

GGotW: What lead you to modeling?
BS: I felt it was something I could be good at, so I went for it! And of course.. FREE CLOTHING & FOOTWEAR!! *side note- not every model gets free stuff.. maybe 13% of us at best. Your more likely to receive a small discount*

GGotW: Was ALT modeling your first genre, or did you start in another field ?
BS: When I FIRST started modeling I was 7. It was for a company called Peaches 'n' Cream *awwwwe hehe*. I did that for a lil' over a year, then stopped. I picked back up on modeling when I was 11. I was crowned Queen of my Elementary school. My photo was published in the local news paper and the owners of A Touch of Elegance Boutique saw me and I was offered a mini contract to model for them. After that I didn't model again until I was 17, that's when I started doing Alternative modeling.

GGotW: Why are you now doing gothic modeling?
BS: I'm in the alternative modeling scene because I will never be 5'11 and 110 lbs. no matter how hard i wish for it! hehe so this is it for me..its fun and low stress and that is just fine with me!
Plus, I like sleeping in. I'M not a fan of waking up @ 5am yikes!

GGotW: Who's your favourite photographer to work with?
BS: As of now, I love working with and it's a tie between those two. So if there are any photogs out there that want to be one of my favs as well, contact me!

GGotW: What keeps you busy when you're not modeling?
BS: When I am not modeling I go to movies, my fav , I look for unique stuff on ebay, update my wish list and watch my fav TV show, The girl's next door :P

GGotW: When you model are the clothes yours already, or are they bought / designed special for the shoot?
BS: Someone usually buys the outfits and footwear they want me to model for them or designers will work with me to design outfits they want me to model for their shop.

GGotW: What's your favourite outfit to date?
BS: That is too tough! I don't want to make any outfits jealous.. i love them all! I will say I really like UV and reflective clothing.

GGotW: What is the coolest thing you've ever shoot?
BS: One of the outfits, that I helped design, included a cute lil' latex military style hat- I don't think its the coolest thing, BUT it was definitely the cutest! /hopefully it will end up in this feature! What is the weirdest thing you've ever shoot? Nothing so far! I guess I will make that my next project :P

GGotW: What's up next for you? More shoots, shows, or some other project that you're working on in another field.
BS: There will always be more shoots and projects, if I can manage it! Hopefully something big.. I am keeping my fingers crossed :) Other than that I will be going back to school In the spring.. maybe fall :P I plan to get my degree in Animal care and management technology.

GGotW: When you started your website, was there a propose behind it other than exposure?
BS: I wanted to have a website for myself.. a document to hold good times and memories. Its always good to have a reminder of your accomplishments.

Brandyy Skye has modeled for:
Dark Desires
Seraphim latex designs
Carpe mammae
Crypt Magazine

Brandyy Skye

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ariel said...

Yay Brandyy!! You're still looking super-cute, as always! great interview!

Falcona said...

That's what we need, more cheerleaders.