Jul 3, 2008

Film: American McGee's Alice

American McGee's Alice
Scott Faye spoke recently about the state of the Alice project of which he is a Producer."

The Alice project is presently in "turnaround" from Universal Studios. Jon and Erich Hoeber have written a very compelling feature film screenplay adaptation of the Alice game. Their screenplay will certainly serve as a jumping off point as we find a new studio home for the project" says Faye.

He admits however that it has problems - "To be perfectly honest, the script still needs a little bit of work. The downtime since the Hoebers turned in their last draft has allowed me to establish a bit of creative objectivity. I suspect that the next draft of the screenplay will allow the project to take a substantial leap forward toward production."

So what are the chances of Alice being produced? "All I can say is that I have invested (along with Julie Yorn and Karen Lauder, my producing partners on the project) a lot of time and effort in this project. We will get it made."He confirms that Sarah Michelle Gellar is no longer attached to the project and whilst Marcus Nispel was attached at one point to direct, he isn't any longer. Rumors of Jean Marsh's involvement as the Queen of Hearts is unfounded. (All three of them are listed on IMDB as attached)

The film narrative will borrow heavily from the game story, but "We've built upon many character and narrative elements employed in the game, and have augmented or created additional elements which we felt were needed to execute a screenplay worthy of being produced."

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