Sep 4, 2008

Feature: Jessica Nova



GGotW: What started you modeling?
JN: I actually got into modeling because a friend of mine was doing a lot of trade show 'booth babe' work and I found a modeling ad on one of her links as I was searching for trade show work myself, and just fell into modeling. My first shoot was a tiny tiny bikini shoot. As for fetish modeling I fell into that as well, but a little more deliberately. Fetish allowed for more freedom of style, hair color, genre, and all sorts of things like that. No limits, and it's like playing dress up every day!

GGotW: What/who got you started making clothes?
JN: Making clothes just sort of happened. A friend of mine decided along with me that we were going to attend an anime con. We picked our favorite characters and tackled the task of altering and hot gluing to meet our deadline. All we had for a basis of knowledge was hand stitching patches on our jeans and fixing holes in our shirts. I have never had any formal training, just going about it and learning as I go.

GGotW: What is the story behind the name Jessica Nova?
JN: Hahaha oh the story behind Jessica Nova...I wish there was more of a tale. I literally was sitting at work one day, bored as I could be, and thought about all the things I wish my name could be. I was too proud to change my first name, and decided that Nova would be a good congruent to it, it was short, easy to say, and the name just stuck. I have friends now that get real pissed when they find out months later that it isn't really my last name.

GGotW: What hobbies do you pursue outside of the fetish and modeling realm?
JN: I wish I had more time for hobbies. I used to play my keyboard a little. I write a lot. I also co host on an internet radio show called Just Push Play. I play with photoshop, and do all the watermarking and site stuff for my friend's art page. I like to think I have a knack for crafting, playing with fake flowers, putting nails in picture frames, designing new costumes. Yeah I also really like to read, but rarely have time for it.

GGotW: What kind of modeling have you not done that you would like to?
JN: I would love to do some Rubber Doll/latex style shoots. I absolutely love latex but it cost a pretty penny. My goal is to get a full vinyl wedding dress in red styled like Lydia's from Beetlejuice, and a Harley Quinn outfit in vinyl would also rank high on my wishlist. I also love doing death fetish work. I love the gore of it but haven't been able to really dabble in it too much.

GGotW: Tell us about Kill Everything Clothing.
JN: Kill Everything Clothing, actually the company just merged with Studio Psycho and we are in the process of possibly dropping the original name. The name came from a joke between a friend and myself dealing with the phrase 'Kill Everything' which was code for 'let's get the fuck outta here' in any given situation. Our clothing, even with a name change, is edgy, weird, and straight out of comic books and horror movies with a little lsd thrown in for color. It's really aggressive and not something you can overlook. It's not about simply creating something new, it's about taking what you've got and making it original and artistic.
Cosplay Deviant
GGotW: What's your connection to Alice Malice?
JN: Alice Malice and I are friends. We do some fetish work together, we are on a site together, and we are both into similar things haha

GGotW: Your pictures show a lot of Cosplay, is that something you pursue?
JN: Yes I love Cosplay, as a costume maker and fashion designer I love trying to take things from cartoons and trying to make them appear real. I try to stay away from the obvious material choices and make it look more like clothes than a costume.

GGotW: What attracts you to anime and the world of cosplay?
JN: Well I don't just cosplay anime, I do a loooot of comics. I love comics. I guess it's the same thing that attracts me to many of my enjoyments, it's the fantasy element, the ability to be more than just a regular human. It's the same reason I like vampires and old folklore, it allows for the ability to travel beyond the current state of being.
I have always chased faeries and had invisible friends, I always loved cartoons and playing make believe. My first anime was Sailor Moon and my first comic was Batman. My first cosplay was actually a Sailor Moon villian and my first comic cosplay was Poison Ivy. No one really got me into it, though I seemed to drag most of my friends into the scene.

GGotW: Tell us a bit about the Goth scene as you see it in Florida.
JN: The goth scene at least in my area of Florida doesn't really exist. I noticed this especially when I lived in Tallahassee, we had no clubs, and my brother and I were the only ones that seemed to own eyeliner and black clothes. I've always seemed to be one of the extremes that stayed within the goth realm, others that could classify as goth seemed to also attach themselves predominately to another field, such as the juggalos and juggalettes (fan-base of Insane Clown Posie), emo, or something similar. I myself have had to branch out into the industrial portion in order to actually be able to meet people with similar interests. Even our 'goth' clubs play very little goth style music but cater more to the raver kids.

GGotW: Who got you into the scene?
JN: I have been 'dark' for as long as I can remember. I haven't always worn eyeliner or owned all black, but I was always weird, strange, and creepy to other children. I think the first thing that made me feel okay with that was watching The Craft in 4th grade and seeing Fairuza Balk and going 'oh my goodness, I want to be her, she's crazy and I'm crazy and wow' as silly as that may sound, seeing someone else that was a total psycho weirdo made me feel better.

GGotW: What drives the scene in your area?
JN: What drives the scene here? Individuals, we have to create the scene ourselves and as far as I can tell there is little availability for togetherness outside of random nightclubs.

GGotW: What is your favorite event?
JN: My favorite event in the goth scene here I guess would be the Masquerade at one of the local clubs. The music isn't great but the costumes are generally a lot of fun.

GGotW: If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
JN: If I could go anywhere in the world I would probably move to London. I love Europe and London is so classically gorgeous and almost fairytale like but at the same time utterly tainted, gloomy, and cold. It fascinates me.

GGotW: What is the weirdest thing you've ever done?
JN: Weirdest thing I've ever done? Hmm, I'm not sure that's a story that'd I'd want floating around on the interwebs haha.

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