Nov 9, 2008

Feature: Alia Noree

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GGotW: What led you to the Gothic lifestyle?
AN: When I was little, I had a liking for dark things that I always repressed, thinking it was a bad thing. Back then, Romania was just recovering from the suppression of the Communism, so having an alternative lifestyle was something unthinkable. I also loved the perions gowns, with corsets and crinolines and felt somewhat sorry that no one wore them anymore. It was in 2005 that I started wearing dark colours, as 2 of my new school colleagues, that became my best friends, introduced me to heavier rock genres. Then in 2006 I took a trip to Holland and met a goth girl and was deeply impressed by her style and attitude. It was there that I had purchased my first gothic accessory, a pair of lace gloves. As I returned home, I became more and more interested in the style and so began to read about it and I quickly adopted it.

GGotW: What was it in Holland that caught your interest?
AN: It was the open-mindedness of the people. The lack of prejudice and their originality. To me, the possibility of having a different kind of lifestyle was something new, something I would never have thought about before.

GGotW: What led you to modeling?
AN: I was always a "cam girl". Whenever there was a photocamera around me, I would keep stalking the poor owner of the cam to take photos of me or give me the cam to take photos. I always considered it a fun thing, but it became more serious when I decided I want to study photography at university. So for practice, I was the easiest model to use and I started to really like what I could do by modeling.

GGotW: Do you get together with other goths in you area of Romania?
AN: The Romanian culture has always consisted of a melange of different cultures. The gothic style is a relatively new style in Romania. People would have probably got put in jail or even shot for such outrageous look and behavior during the Communism. So there aren't so many gothic people in Romania or gothic pubs. We just hang out with other rockers or people that know we are not some kind of dangerous psychos.

GGotW: Is there a large scene?
AN: I can't say it's very large, from what I've seen in other countries. It's a really small chance to bump into a goth while walking on the street. I'd say there are about 3 or 4 "active" gothic persons in each city and maybe about 20 in the capital. Well there are probably more, but most of them dress normal. There are few people here who accept us and we often get called "satanists", "witches" or "dead people" and we even risk getting beaten on the streets for being different. This is why some people chose to show their gothic side and outfits only on special occasions, like a gothic concert or party, which happen rarely anyway. But hopefully that will change in the years to come.

GGotW: Do you prefer to model or photograph?
AN: Mmm, I can't really chose one. I just like both very much. I'm used to taking pictures of me, but I also like to be the model for someone or take a photo of someone else. I can't imagine making a career only in modeling or only in photography. I guess I'll be always doing both. Right now my main focus is to improve my photography skills for university so I'm trying to take a wider range of photos, but I can't help not to put myself in front of the cam now and then.

GGotW: What do you do when you are not modeling?
AN: Many things. I study for my final exams, spend time with my boyfriend, go out on the weekends, play with my cat and dogs or chat with people on the internet or sometimes make accessories. I sometimes spend a lot of time on browsing through gothic clothing on ebay or sites of specialized shops, even though usually I won't buy anything. Or I'm looking on Deviantart to see what other photographers have done recently and for some new ideas.

Alia Noree is preparing for her first University interview which will take place in January 2009.

GGotW: What else have you been up to?
AN: I've started my account for crafts on Deviantart, and I'll be selling various pieces of hand-made unique accessories.

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Alia Noree said...

Thank you so much for the feature!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the award :) you deserve it.

that_evil_little_girl said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! Keep up the good work Noree!:D

Anonymous said...

Very cool interview I really enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

i voted for you also


Shiloh said...

I vote for Alia Noree

Anonymous said...

I vote for Alia Noree!

from a fellow MB-er ^^

tipa_cu_mitraliera said...

everything she said about the gothic subculture is not true.there is a large community in romania,it's just that she doesn't have access to it because she doesn't know the first thing about it.she's just another narcissistic metalhead who thinks that dressing up makes you goth.she's so superficial and even admits it.she can't help taking pictures of herself and thinks that being goth is all about the's about the attitude,the music and the way you think,not about stupid victorian gowns and lace.she couldn't recognize a true goth not even if he'd hit her in the for music,get it through your head,metal is not goth!there is such a thing as gothic metal but it's totally different from what goth rock really is.oh and just so you know,i am actually a student majoring in photography and i can tell you she doesn't even know the basics of this just revolves around her.i don't understand why noree was featured goth girl of the week.she's not goth,has no idea what's going on in the scene,for heaven's sake there are events and concerts almost monthly and parties are organized weekly.but how can a narcissistic wannabe know these things when she's only preoccupied about her appearance?

Loretta said...

OH I agree with the thing that happens on Romania on the street...and they even pick on you at concerts or so, those rockers that are also narrow-minded..thats why I put the small thingie in the bottom of my page, the voting thing, to make a point...
Anyway, I also make different kinds of accessories, someday when I will consider I have quite a good number of them, I'll publich them to see what people think ^^