Mar 8, 2009

Feature: Malice Bathory



GGotW: Where do you live?
MB: I live in a pretty country named Romania. It doesn't offer you many possibilities in any domain and there isn't quite a goth culture here but its starting to grow.

GGotW: Your bio mentions writing band reviews, do you write anything else?
MB: Beside writing band reviews, I also make stories and poetry in Romanian and English. I cannot say I am THAT good but I did manage to get some prizes in my town and online. What can I say... I love literature and all the things related to it.

GGotW: What kind of art do you do?
MB: I mainly do Digital Art that have a dark, surreal or abstract thing. My works are not so common because I am not a big fan of this "mainstream" with gothic girls that you keep seeing on the Internet. I also paint, I've got a natural talent (my sister is a painter) but lately I have not done any works. Now, I am practicing photography, not only with digital cameras but also with film. I find film takes much better photographs and it is much more complicated to make a good image. You have to do it manually and the fun part is that you can also develop the film by yourself, and yes, all of them are based on this "surreal" idea that keeps wandering in my mind.

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
MB: Now that should be very interesting to answer. As you can see, my photos are not so bad. Tell you the secret? I made them by myself. I know, it is hard at the beginning, but most of the pictures I've taken myself. Officially, I haven't worked with any photographer, if I do not count a girl from the photography university and some of my friends. I think that means that I have some sort of talent, ha ha ha...

GGotW: What got you modeling?
MB: When I was little, many people told me to model. Strangers on the street kept coming at me with different deals, but this was not appealing to me . After that, a couple of years ago, I started to see many alternative models on the net and I actually liked the photos. So I just grabbed my camera and begin to build a little "portfolio". Unfortunately, alternative modeling isn't quite popular in Romania. That is the main reason why I cannot actually find a photographer to make me some pictures. In other words, I was attracted by the pictures and I thought that I should give a try. Alternative modeling is different and I am also a different human being.

GGotW: What do you like about modeling?
MB: I cannot say that I really like something about modeling, or I just cannot figure it out. I do not think it brings you many advantages, I do this for pleasure. I like to experience new make-up, hairstyles, clothes, backgrounds, etc, and modeling offers me this possibility.

GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
MB: Although I received offers since I was a kid (from six years old), I never started then. I got into this like four years ago. That is when I realized that I cannot hide under a "normal" skin.

GGotW: Have your pictures appeared anywhere?
MB: Unfortunately, they haven't. I received some offers but I do not know, they vanished! But fortunately, my digital art appeared on several posters and sites.

GGotW: What influences you?
MB: In modeling, I do not think something influence me. Mainly my imagination and the cyber-goth culture. In my art, my mind is the one that influences me. What can I say, I have a weird mind that keeps wanting to go "outside".

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Malice Bathory said...

Thank you very much for the feature!

Dirgesinger said...

O.o You are sooo pretty! Fav is that one in the bushes with lilac - or looking to be lilac - hair. Where do You live in romania? I am Hunarian - and the same here, not much goth scene:)