May 24, 2009

News: Site Update

Why the change to the layout of the site? Good question. We have, from time to time, tried to add a feature to GGotW that would allow for more images and a cooler way to display them. This display is called LightBox. It uses java to create a pop-up of the image and the ability to change from one picture to the next without having to use the back button. Simply click on the right side of one image to go to the next, the left will take you to the previous image. Clicking the X at the bottom, or simply anywhere off the picture will take you back to the regular site.

Every time that we have attempted to add this feature to the site, it has failed, or created an error in the template script that Blogger refuses to work around. The discussion came up again after our interview writer, Don McCaskill, told us he had installed it on the Cameron Bright blog he runs.

Another attempt by us and it totally messed up the display of the site, we knew from what happened that we had to install a new template. Now, we have a blackened version of Blogger's Sanddollar Template.
Once the switch was made we installed the Slimbox version of LightBox. A quick test of the changes using the latest Feature and we knew we finally had LightBox working. A few tweaks will continue to happen over the next few weeks, as they always do.

We hope you, the visitors, like the change that we've made and enjoy a larger selection of images with upcoming Features and Profiles. Try it out on these pictures from Image Editor NightShadows.

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool. I really like the way you click from one image to the next.

Who's your next feature?