Aug 28, 2009

Feature: Talvi von den Vinterfallen


GGotW: What was your first photoshoot?
TvdV: I had my first photo-shoot at the end of 2007, with Stefan Schlesinger.

GGotW: What prompted that first shoot?
TvdV: I needed a Christmas present for my boyfriend and had the idea to give pictures of myself to him. I had so much fun during my first shoot that many other sessions followed.

GGotW: What do you like about modeling?
TvdV: I can act out my creative side. I do also like to present ideas and scenarios, which are surreal, in a realistic way.

GGotW: Who have you shot with?
TvdV: I haven't worked with many photographers until now, but the most well-known ones are Andre M. Hünseler from Thinking Pixels, Udo B (Chilltopia Photoworks) and Viola Odorata.

GGotW: What kind of shoots do you like to do?
TvdV: I love fancy ideas and lots of things, which can be connected with fantasy. But I am also very interested in Fetish and Burlesque.

GGotW: Have you shot with other models?
TvdV: Not yet, but that will change soon. I am going to have a shoot with Mistress Lady Lucia la Cruelle.

GGotW: We've seen some pictures of you with a Guitar, do you play?
TvdV: Yes, for more than 6 years, but I do also play the keyboard as well.

GGotW: You are from Germany, have you traveled outside of Germany for shoots?
TvdV: No, unfortunately I didn´t have the chance to do that yet.

GGotW: What do you do when you are not modeling?
TvdV: At the moment, I am doing going to school as pastry cook and in my free time I dedicate myself to lots of creative things like making music or drawing. On the weekends I do also visit clubs, of course.

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Anonymous said...

If you like gothic girls, you must check out and! (they're sisters and models for!)

Anonymous said...

very cool pictures and a awesome model!!!

Jose said...

Very cool! Its my first time visiting your blog!