Nov 9, 2009

Feature: Vicious Kurai



GGotW: What is the source of your name, Kurai?
VK: Kurai is the word for 'dark' in Japanese. However, Kurai is also a mountain range, type of flute, band name, and so on. It is a very common name.

GGotW: You have a large range of style, how did that come about?
VK: Growing up, my mother was a very open industrial goth. Materials such as latex, rubber, and vinyl never seemed foreign to me. I was a hard-core Otaku (anime fan) as a child. I first got into Jpop and techno (but had the appearance of a punk) which later lead into a graver/industrial phase, then onto my own goth era. I never stopped loving anime or cosplay and later I discovered the EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) style as Visual Kei got popular around 2001. I still do the Lolita look now and then, but I have advanced into Visual Kei styles -now I am more of a J-rocker than anything else, although I do not like to catigorize myself because one day I can appear as an elegant grown woman, a child-like Lolita the next, or even a little androgyny should it suit my mood that day.

GGotW: Can you explain Visual Kei?
VK: Visual Kei is a very elaborate Japanese fashion. It started in music, worn by various rock stars and can be anything from a thrashed and trashed look, to an innocent Lolita style.
I see it as being as elaborate and extreme in appearance as one can be. Wearing costumes that are theatrical, bizarre, and beautiful. Goth, glam, cyber, aristocratic -there are no limits or boundaries to Visual Kei.

GGotW: Which style came first?
VK: I first dyed my hair green around 11 or 12-years-old. Everyone thought I was a goth, but all I had was colored hair. When I first started to actually put on make up and care about clothes, my hair was green and pink liberty spikes. My clothing was like those of a punk, but with the Jpop influence I often wore bright colors, kind of like how a raver would. Imagine if Rainbow bright threw up fruity pebbles on a grungy punk -what a mess I must have been, lol!

GGotW: Who have you modeled for?
VK: I haven't modeled for anyone famous, yet -but it's mostly been tfp/cd photographers, and I have modeled (runway) for Rigor Mortis designs for the past 6 years.

GGotW: Where do you shop in Utah?
VK: There are few shops in Utah that cater to a goth's needs. I have to stock up and buy all my make up around Halloween, its hard to find black and blue lip sticks any other time. A few shops I frequent are Blue Boutique, Arsenic Fashion, and various Halloween stories. Other than that, I mostly have to shop online at, Lip Service, Folter, Serious, etc.

GGotW: Have you ever been published?
VK: Only in a few online magazines (for Fetish and Lolita fashion), and local magazines in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.

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Anonymous said...

GREAT choice! I love her diversity and intense photos. I can't wait to see this girl in blessing the pages in future goth magazines ;)