Apr 11, 2010

Feature: Ky_phosis



GGotW: What is the story behind the name Ky_phosis?
Ky-p: It's actually the name of a disfiguring spine disease!... and KY are the first two letters of my name, Kyly. When picking a name for my modeling projects, I was seriously trying to avoid anything too "gother-than-thou" such as names that include the words "Crow" or "Mistress". I struggle to take myself that seriously.

GGotW: What do you like about being Goth?
Ky-p: The music has always been front and center for me. That's the most obvious part of Goth that a lot of people seem to miss when they just get caught up in the fashion. But I can't deny my love affair with pointy boots, teased hair, and black eyeliner, either.

GGotW: What got you started in the Goth community.
Ky-p: My first boyfriend gave me an old copy of Cleopatra's In Goth Daze compilation, which featured ASF, Screams For Tina, and The Wake. I fell in love, went black, and never went back.

GGotW: What started you as a model?
Ky-p: I've always liked the idea of using my visual presentation of myself as an art form to inspire, repulse, or at least generate a "hmmm, interesting" from others. And I was overjoyed to find a medium with which to feed my insatiable hunger for praise and attention.

GGotW: Who influences you?
Ky-p: I would never disclose something like this. Then you'd know where I was stealing all my ideas from!

GGotW: We understand you're from small town in NJ, how difficult is it to be goth there?
Ky-p: It was only difficult until I learned to look people in the eye and stop being a tortured angsty teenager. I've learned that people will usually not go out of their way to victimize you when you project an air of cool confidence, not to be confused with ice-queen bitchiness, of course.

GGotW: Do you encounter people that want to dislike you without knowing you?
Ky-p: I'm actually rather oblivious to that sort of thing unless someone comes up to me, shakes me, and shouts "I DO NOT APPROVE!!" And I can assure you, I'm sour on plenty of people I don't know, too!

GGotW: Were there other Goths in your small town to support you?
Ky-p: No, but it wasn't something I ever looked for. Besides, all goths secretly hate each other anyway and don't want other ones coming around and stealing their thunder. ;)

GGotW: You seem to sport a few different styles, what are your interests?
Ky-p: I've always been a sucker for all things antique, whether it be music, clothing, or architecture. I also am interested in taxidermy, foreign horror movies, and shady guys with tattoos.

GGotW: What do you do when you're not modeling?
Ky-p: Modeling only takes up a very small part of my life. I have a very unglamorous 9-5 job like everyone else. Sorry to ruin the illusion. But at least they let me dress how I like!

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Michael said...

Interesting, the In Goth Daze compilation is how I got into goth also.

Anonymous said...

Kyphosis rules! disfiguring spine condition notwithstanding. Intelligent, witty writing which made me laugh and say "hmm..."

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this interview, she is sweet, relatable and is a great model! ^_^ I'm glad y'all featured her!

Anonymous said...

Best goth girl ever!!!

Anonymous said...

She is my favourite.

- Gabbi

Gary said...

you go girl!

Gothiclove said...

She is nice, good interview.

gothic love said...

She looks very cool :)

Anonymous said...

adorable and a great model too!