May 22, 2010

Feature: Renee Rockwood



GGotW: You have a kind of Dark Rock Punk look, what influences you?
RR: Generally music is my main influence, but it doesn't stop there. When I was younger I got into a lot of old AFI, The Dead Boys, Lords of the New Church, Iggy and the Stooges and the New York Dolls and I think that says a lot for where I got my look. Combine that with a love for horror flicks, Halloween, and pinup girls, and voila! Here I am.

GGotW: Is there much of a scene in your part of Washington?
RR: It's hit and miss out here, honestly. You can go to a show one night with a line of people out the door and another night there's nobody around, it's the same way with the bars and clubs. I don't know if there's a hot spot that stays hot out here.

GGotW: We found you modeling for Helene Hawthorne and PorcelainPoet what was that shoot like?
RR: I absolutely love working with Krissy (Helene Hawthorne) and it was an incredible first shoot with Jessica (PorcelainPoet), they are both very talented and professional, but a lot of fun! We did kind of a 'rotten tea party' with full Victorian wardrobe. The dresses didn't give you a great range of motion, but during that time period they weren't supposed to. I think the images turned out beautifully, there was certainly a lot of work put into them.

GGotW: Who else have you shot with?
RR: I have done a few shoots with Erik Christensen, Sean Watson, Trevor Locke, and I've done some work with Nick Dillinger from the bay area, IMustBeDead when I was living in Phoenix, Eader Photography, True Photography, Ellenoir Corsets, and K. Darkchilde Photography.

GGotW: What do you do when your not shooting?
RR: When I'm not shooting, I'm generally thrift store shopping, altering clothes, baking, or going to shows. Right now I'm planning to go out on tour with a band called Church For Sinners in June and I'm hoping for a lot more touring in the future.

GGotW: Do you ever work behind the scene of a photo shoot?
RR: Generally when I work behind the scenes of a photo shoot, it's just simple stuff like doing a bit of hair here or a spot of makeup there. I have a couple of photographers that have me on call as their stylist/MUA, but that's all very recent, so I haven't started building up a portfolio for that just yet.

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Nice, a short model. :)

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Little girl - voted for her!

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Like a porcelain doll.. VOTED