Jun 25, 2010

Feature: Miranda Adria

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black magic gothGGotW: After looking at some of you images, I have to ask, who does your make-up?
MA: I've been doing all my own make-up and photography since I started doing self-portraits when I was 15. I've always loved fashion photography, and dreamt of one day taking photos like the ones in fashion magazines myself. But I knew I needed practice, so I decided to start by using myself as a model, and hence, had to learn all about make-up application, fashion design, etc.

red gothGGotW: What influences you?
MA: What influences me the most is music. I have a very eclectic taste in music that ranges from Goth Rock to Hip Hop to Ambient. I'm also influenced by other artists such as Cindy Sherman and Matthew Barney who are known for transforming themselves in their art.

GGotW: Do you consider yourself to be a creative person?
MA: I'd like to think I am, since I enjoy creating art in many different media: digital art, photography, bookmaking, metalwork, etc. I also enjoy singing, acting, and dancing.siouxsie-like goth girl

GGotW: What keeps you busy?
MA: I spend most of my time working as the photographer/graphic designer for an abstract metal art studio, while the rest of my time is typically dedicated to my own artwork. I never stop working. I realize that the only way to get better and to become what I want is to bust my butt and give it all I've got. When I do decide to take some time for myself, I spend time with my boyfriend, my family, and go shopping on occasion.

goth glamGGotW: What came first; modeling or photography?
MA: Photography definitely came first. I didn't quite see myself as model material when I was younger, to be honest. I was rather unbecoming; glasses, braces, mom-bought clothing, the works. But as I grew older, I became more confident and wasn't afraid to experiment with different looks and styles.

GGotW: What is your favorite tool?
MA: Photoshop would definitely be my favorite, with my Canon Rebel xS at a close second. I don't know where I'd be with either of them. Learning about these two tools have helped me to not only find my niche in the art world, but to begin building a career around art I truly love creating.gothic make-up

GGotW: You've been published, what is this about book covers?
MA: I've been fortunate enough to have my artwork on three book covers, all of which are novels by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes: The Den of Shadows Quartet, The Shapeshifters: The Kiesha'ra of the Den of Shadows, and an upcoming novel titled All Just Glass.
Goth Girl
GGotW: Where else have you and your art appeared?
MA: I have been printed numerous times in Advanced Photoshop Magazine, as well as several independent digital art magazines and in newspaper articles. Recently, one of my art pieces was chosen to be printed in Exposé 8, a publication by Ballistic Publishing that is one of the most influential publications in the digital art world.

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Dirgesinger said...

Such an awesome beauty! Gorgeous pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love the makeup design on your last picture. It looks primal, aggressive, but shows beauty. You definitely have my vote.

Eileen said...

Shocking,stunning and gorgeous photos!