Aug 5, 2010

Feature: Mechanic Geisha

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GGotW: What kind of art do you do?
MG: A lot of different kinds.To name few
Photography: Since I got a cam I've being *trigger happy* don't leave a house without it because sometimes, by just sitting on the bus on my way to somewhere I find interesting things around me.
Make Up: Been doing it since a very young age and people always admire my work. So it just moved from one face to another I guess, hahaha, and there is always a lot of new people that always ask me to do their make up :)
Drawing and painting: From about 8th class I was drawing constantly, My arts skill were noticed by my school's arts teacher and she turned around to me and said "next year I'm having you in my class." So she did and it just grew from small doodles into more detailed work. I would never paint before I got into the arts class, as I didn't understand it too well, but I learned little by little and thanks to her I even got a place in college doing animation :)

GGotW: What influences your art?
MG: For photography and photo-manipulations, doing modeling has influenced it a lot. Whenever I'm on a shoot I get to learn many small "technical things" from photographers and they tend to stick in my head so I'm just putting them to a good use I guess.
As for drawing and painting I guess it was influenced by being rebellious. Once I hit the stage where I knew I didn't want to be like everybody else I started expressing it through art and my step dad was really against it as he wanted me to become a dentist and would force me to tear my artwork apart (still miss my old artwork I had few really good pieces done back in the early days). I went through a lot of tears over the years because of it, but it never made me stop drawing :)

GGotW: What are you taking in collage?
MG: I've done Animation last year,but now taking another turn and going for Video game development this September. Really cant wait to be honest! :) The chances are I might be the only girl in the class because mainly guys apply for the course, so I will be stuck for a year with video game nerds and of course video game tournaments.

GGotW: Where do you see you schooling taking you?
MG: Well from the beginning I always dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist and I did the animation course to improve my art, which it did, but it didn't allow me to go crazy with my imagination. I still put this dream on "stand by mode." Now I'm just building up the computer skills that I will need for a back-up job, in case i find the tattooing job a bit boring (hope not).

By doing the video game development course, it teaches you; web development, a bit of architecture and video game development itself, so it kind of opens doors in different directions for me. Who knows i might consider continuing video game development or I could always go for web development, where my photography and photo manipulation skills will come in handy as well as my art ideas. I'm still at the stage where I'm not seeing exactly where my schooling will take me. I just try to keep as many doors open as possible just so I don't end up with a job I would hate

GGotW: How did you get started as a model?
MG: Funny story it happened at Halo 3 release event *I CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM NERD* a photographer took a picture of me and Master Chief and then afterwards found me, because I left him my email for him to send the pictures. He gave me a test shoot with which I was really satisfied and didn't believe it was me in the pictures hahaha. So then it went on for a bit, but I didn't get too into it till I turned 18 and had a shoot with Irelands leading fetish fashion photographer Hector Heathwood. Ever since then I guess I was "always in demand" hahahah

GGotW: Who else have you worked with?
MG: Oh I worked with few fantastic people to name few off the top of my head it would be James O'Neill and Brendan Montgomery (both from Belfast and really pleasurable to work with).

Carl Farmer and Maik Sinkovec of Red Tree Studios in Ireland, they've got a giant studio full of props, backdrops and what not to mess around with. I remember for the first shoot with Carl I found a big container with brains in it. I asked him if I could use it for the shoot, he let me have it for the few hours of fun. We had such a great laugh with the brain. As for Maik I really love his work with Dark rather than bright white backgrounds. had few shoots with Maik so far and he kind of gets an inner child out of me in the shoots, we always end up with some photos that we call "facebook moments" hahahaha

GGotW: Does your art help/hinder you with modeling?
MG: It really does help because my imagination tends to go outside the box a lot. It helps with coming up with ideas for the shoots, as well as coming up with the outfits. I tend to make my own bits and pieces for the shoots sometimes, and it takes a lot of thinking. Sometimes I would look at a brooch i find in a shop and i have thousand ideas of how i could make it look better, and then it all just starts. I end up buying a lot of shitty looking jewelery because i like a small part of it. I'll end up spending hours if not sometimes days hunting for certain ribbons or whatever just to finish the piece. I also tend to draw characters with outfits a lot, and it comes to a point sometimes where i just recreate the outfit in real life and use it for the shoot hahaha :)

GGotW: What kind of modeling do you enjoy?
MG: I dont know why but I enjoy military style, it has to be one of my favorites. :) The camo, gas-masks, guns its just soo much fun, and I love to mess around with guns hahah. :) I guess its just kind of a recreation of a dream that never came true. Back from a very young age when everybody wanted to become mommies, or a doctor I was stuck with wanting to join the army hahah. It looks soo shiny and exciting from a kids point of view but when you grow up get few piercings here and there you just think, "nah its not my thing." I guess doing modeling I can become something I could never be for a lifetime, be it crazy scientist, or maybe a nurse at the mad asylum. It's just like changing different professions every day without all those fancy college degrees that take years to get, and any consequences like coming up with new diseases that can kill people :)

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