Sep 18, 2010

Feature: Sindrel Psykhe



New Zealand Gothic Girl
GGotW: What is the story behind the name Sindrel Psykhe?
SP: Sindrel is from my partners World of Warcraft character and Psykhe from my love for Mythology, she is the Goddess of the soul.

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
SP: I have worked with a few photographers such as: Mark Bennett, Antyo Gito Anggono, Phil Bailey, Jonathan Doherty, Photography 46, Les McHarg, Brent & Shirley of NakedArt, Tim Brown and Alain Hervier.

GGotW: What caused you to move from France to New Zealand?
SP: My mother moved to NZ with me when I was 10 to get married. At the time I didn't speak a word of english and learnt it as I went. I have lived in NZ on and off for about 10 years now.

GGotW: Have you had a favorite shoot or favorite photographer to work with?
SP: My favourite shoot out of all things would have to be the one I did with my partner :) He has no photography experience and yet the photos turned out great :) It was a lot of fun too with no pressure :P
My favourite photographer to work with is Mark Bennett, he is very skilled and creative and I like that in a photographer.

GGotW: Where in your travels have you found the better goth community?
SP: So far in my travels I have found that France doesn't have much of a gothic community, Paris alot more than Brittany. Even though NZ is a lot smaller I have found it to have a bigger goth community than France. I would love to visit Germany and Japan in the future :).

GGotW: If someone was coming to Christchurch from abroad, where would you send them to see the local goth culture?
SP: Well when I said the goth culture was bigger in NZ than France I really meant the fashion side of things. People on the street here seem to be orientated more to the alternative fashion unlike my small town in Brittany :P As for the night life though....don't think there is much of one here but the North Island might be different. In saying that if someone was to come down here from abroad I would probably send them to the Christchurch Fetish Ball (happens once a year), also there are a few events to go to every now and then (fashion, skin suspension, burlesque, music, art etc...) that you just have to keep an eye out for.

GGotW: Other than modeling, what else do you do in fashion?
SP: I've been designing my own clothing collection over the years. It's a mixture of different styles, just as I am ;)

GGotW: Have you shown any of your fashion designs in you images?
SP: Not in the images I have sent no. Most of my designs are still in France. I am planning a trip over there in June next year to work with French photographers and retrieve any thing of value I might have left over there :)

GGotW: Have your fashions been shown on other models?
SP: Not yet but I'm planning on working with latex this year and hope it will be a success as I am a newbie. I have never worked with this material so lots of research and patience is going to be needed :P ;)

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