Oct 8, 2010

Feature: Eileen



GGotW: I understand you have returned to modeling, what kept you away?
E: I modeled MANY years ago in the Hampton Roads area,when I was a teen and younger. Back then modeling gave me self esteem and something to be proud of. I was 6'0 tall,5 inches taller than most of the boys in my school. I was uncomfortable with my height and "olive oil" skinniness. Being around other tall models and an industry full of people who loved my build did wonders for me. I never forgot about my "silly" dream of being a professional working model....but for many years it was just out of reach. I got married and had 2 perfect boys, Cameron and Keagen. Our little family was my life and I was devoted to it. I never thought things would be any different than what it was and at the time was content with that. The funny thing about life is,it forces change in you.

GGotW: What drew you back to modeling?
E: If you can imagine being a wife and mother one day and then the next a unforeseen tragedy taking most of that away,then you have great insight. I never saw the death of my husband,Blake,coming. It has been by far the hardest thing I have ever had to go through,and portions of my life have not always been easy.I was lost as a mother,wife and as a woman. I suddenly had no identity but now looking back it was actually just then,when I was really learning who I was. In time I found I am survivor,not because I am built different than anyone else, rather women as a whole, are strong by default. When you are faced with a major life change it forces you to question everything you ever believed to be true and I did. The end result for me was learning that I am my stone, I carry me, no one else. All the fairy tales and enforced beliefs have no impact on my life, I believe what I want to and accept responsibility for all aspects of my life,good and bad. Which leads me to your question,life circumstance drew me back to my old love of modeling. I had to let go of what was and find what I wanted out of this here and now . I want to model.

GGotW: How long have you been back?
E: I had my first TF shoot in Raleigh N.C. in January. A man from Myspace convinced me to shoot with him and its been on since. (girls do be careful when meeting strangers for a shoot always bring an escort) The mommy in me had to throw that in.

GGotW: What are you liking now that you are back?
E: I really like it all,especially when its a paid event! :) If I had to choose something though I would say that being body painted and photographed so far has been the most fulfilling and creative modeling I have done so far. It is an opportunity to not only create art but be the art. It was hard at first but again,its just another test of courage from life. I am proud to say a collaboration between me and Bob Axel will hang in the So Ho Art Gallery in December. A year ago I couldn't imagine that being true.

GGotW: What would you like to do in a shoot that you haven't yet?
E: Well.....if give it away it may piss off a certain photographer or even worse, someone might get to it before me! I will say this, I am a widow and the set would, in some way, include a spider. HMM :)

GGotW: Who have you worked with?
E: I have been so very fortunate to work with some of the best photographers, artist and designers around. In some cases I "stalked" them on modeling sites and in others I met them through word of mouth. Rick Myers,although the FURTHEST from goth as you can get is simply one of my favorites. He can capture your mood in your eyes, every time. He is the best. Bob Axel, from"bodies of paint",N.Y.C. is so talented in that he is a painter and photographer (and I say a "case of the nerves"soother). Ellen Griffin,V.A., is a friend and a sick photographer,in more ways than one. lol She is responsible for most of my digital artwork photographs I am collaborating with Danny of Denart Studios in N.Y.C. on a future project that I am so very excited about. James Crawford and Bob Wise are also amazing at their craft and I am fortunate to work with both of them. These are a few of the talents I have worked with but I continue to be inspired by those I dream of working for like Tracy of Victoria Velvet.Her designs and photographs inspire me to "live the dream" and when I have had the chance to speak with her, I'm giddy like a school girl. :)

GGotW: What advice would I give to teen girls in this industry
E: Aside from all of the redundant replies such as...'follow your dreams' and 'no means yes' I want to tell the ladies reading this: that in fact You are a lady and should always expect to be treated as such. We as woman are born with insight, instinct and sensuality that should never be overlooked or put to waste. Each of us are strong by default and built for survival. So never question your ability to "make it" in what ever life you choose. As long as you listen to your instinct, go with your gut and challenge yourself to be your authentic self, each and everyday, you all will be better than fine.

GGotW: What do your sons think of mom the model?
E: Seriously......Keagen,(or Turtle Head) is still a baby,one and a half,so,I haven't heard his views quite yet. lol As far as my oldest goes, Cameron (9 years old) he thinks its a normal job. He is proud of me and happy I'm happy but until I have a shoot with John Cena (a wrestler) he wont be all that impressed. Anyone out there got that kind of connect please email me!

** New image for Year End 2010 from Eileen

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beth witha f said...

Crystal... I am so proud of you! You have come a long way since the timid, but beautiful Crystal I met 12 years ago. I commend you in your triumphs and struggles you have been thru this past year. Most women wouldn't even have half the strength or will power you have had this past 13 months. I hope your dreams takes you everywhere you want and much further! If anyone in this world deserves it, you do!!! You have worked 3times harder to achieve your goal in one year, opposed 2 sum people working a lifetime trying to achieve the same goal. I commend you. You truely r a diamond in the rough, and I believe you will tower way over to bigger and better things. You are a great mommy and just a good a friend. I truely am blessed to have you as my best friend! I love you hun, and enjoy your moment to shine!! You certainly deserve it!

beth witha f said...

i just want to reiterate how proud i am of u girl!!! u deserve every bit of recognition u have gotten. keep up the good n dont ever give up on your dreams!! i love u girl!!

Danielle Bradley said...


I am really proud of you. I can't believe that so long ago, I was taking pictures of you modeling and now here you are, more successful than ever. You are a great best friend. I want you to remember when you are a famous model, who your very first photographer was and hope that I continue to be for a long time! Love ya!!

mattjoyner said...

Wow, I've never see this site before. You ladies are all gorgeous in goth, BUT you're the best of them, naturally. Beautiful fangs. Congrats on making it to finals, good luck.

Santa said...

Old school - rather old then school ;-))

baba said...

I still can't find anything goth in her photos...

Eileen said...

ouch...let the lashings begin. No worries boys and girls,I can take it! xo

Anonymous said...

its obviously someone that is just NOT as beautiful as you to feel the need to be childish and post petty things up here. you know, our haters only make us HOTTIES more famous!! gotta love em! muah to u haters, it kinda looks to me that shes in 2nd place! great job honey! :)

Anonymous said...

You just don't look gothic enough to be a goth girl. Sorry hun, we are no haters...but we're not blind or stupid either.

Admin said...

Every year we have to have the comment bashing. I really would like to know what Anonymous thinks a Goth Girl looks like?

I also won't publish anymore comments from you unless you stop hiding. Use a name or id but Anonymous, with an unfaltering remark just isn't going to cut it anymore.

I don't think the comment is hateful, just misguided.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't trying to be hurtful, but the other models just fit the expected gothic image better than Eileen. But she is still very beautiful. Sorry if I offended anyone.

Eileen said...

Speaking for myself,none of the comments have been offensive. You win some you loose some and in this business you gotta have tuff skin.I like my page is getting comments,good and bad. I hope that means my artical was read and that the veiwers can take something positive away from it. Life is hard,people often doubt you while so few really know you. Thats why the community of Goth Girl of the Week should stand tall both as an inividual and as peers. Good luck to all the ladies in the running,including myself!! :) xo

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Collage Gothic

Anonymous said...

I don't want to offend. But I don't consider her like a goth. I agree with Baba.